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Marketing through Event Stickers: a brand’s gift that converts customers to ‘Someone Special’

Event Stickers

Nowadays businesses and brands have many tools to communicate, advertise, and market at their disposal. Undoubtedly, LINE Stickers is one of the very best to choose from. Whether in awareness building, Gain Friends advertising, consent data gaining, or even conceiving brand love, the ease of use and user’s preference to using LINE Stickers to express their emotions, as well as other features keep users coming back for more.

No matter how many sticker sets have been launched, they have all been welcomed by consumers with open arms. We have been synonymous with a sticker service called Sponsored Stickers - sticker sets from brands that users can download for free, under the condition that the user add the brand’s LINE Official Account (LINE OA) as a friend. Sponsored Stickers can also be given free of charge and without any condition pertained.

The design of the stickers can be as diverse as the business objective of the brand, ranging from static stickers, animated stickers, sound stickers, and big animated pop-up stickers. Besides Sponsored Stickers that users receive from adding LINE OA, there are 2 options of sticker types that brands can elaborate for their business in Thai market, which are

  • Mission Stickers - stickers that users receive from adding LINE OA as a friend and answer a questionnaire given by brands in LINE OA. This helps brands collect data and get to know the customers better.
  • Secret/Direct Stickers - Stickers that users can download exclusively via the link given by the brand.

No matter the type of stickers, this is the tool that brings brands and customers closer. That is not all, however, there is another type of stickers that has recently launched to even better aid brands in laying down exciting market plans.


Event Stickers Stand out by being an original

In LINE users’ perception, there are two types of LINE Stickers 1. Paid stickers with no expiration. 2. Free stickers with expiration date, available on the condition that the user has to add LINE OA of the brand, also known as Sponsored Stickers. Both types of stickers have different features, hence, we have combined the two distinctive features and developed into a single product - “Event Stickers”, a new trick that brands can use to stimulate sales or capture the consumers’ attention.

Convert Every Download into “Something Special”

Event Stickers is the new type of stickers that is accessible to businesses of all sizes and formats without having to operate a LINE OA. This enables brands to create Event Stickers as rewards to customers or target groups creatively, further effectively capitalizing on marketing such as giving out stickers to event attendees or setting up a big campaign with a download target in the million range. Brands can set download target in order to control the budget as desired (*minimal download for Event Stickers start at 1,000 download)

Not limited to brand’s marketing, other types of business or even an individual can use Event Stickers to light up events and special occasions. For example, giving away Event Stickers as a souvenir at a wedding or as a new year’s gift to the whole company.

Regarding creating Event Stickers, brands should note that the newly designed stickers have download gaps and limited length of use. However, if the stickers selected to be used as Event Stickers are already being sold on the LINE STORE (, the Event Stickers would have unlimited usage. Once the brand has selected the stickers, the brand would receive a QR Code or unique links to give to the customers to download (1 link per 1 download only). Moreover, in Q1 of 2021, brands would be able to send a web address to their Event Stickers via SMS unique link of Event Stickers via SMS to their customers, making the world of online campaigns in Thailand more vibrant and easier than ever.

Event Stickers is the tool to engage consumers with the exclusivity they receive as these stickers are limited gifts reserved for special individuals, similar to a limited edition product that increases the value of both the brand and the consumers. For this reason, Event Stickers can stimulate customers’ demand more than ever, making it a sound investment because Event Stickers do not just leave a lasting impression, but also increase sales and build bonds with customers.

Supporting all businesses to increase conversion

Using Event Stickers as a tool will help the business to reach out to a wide range of target groups. We have a userbase of 47 million users in Thailand, all of whom favor using LINE Stickers as a mean of communication in nearly every chat (ref: Just imagine how many times one LINE Stickers is seen! Event Stickers will be the perfect tool to create conversion towards the brand, whether in stimulating purchase, event participation or even long-term brand loyalty.

Event Stickers gives the opportunity for the user to choose various objectives suitable to the need of the business. The 3 main objectives are

1. Event Promotion - Conventionally, every event is organized with a goal to give consumers new experiences and bring them closer to the brand. This leads to the word of mouth on the success and grandeur of the event. For events, Event Stickers are a high grade secret weapon in promoting the event, by which brands can select Event Stickers as a gimmick to attract target groups to attend the event. Event Stickers can also be the surprise during the event as well. As an example from the LINE Thailand Business 2020 event, Event Stickers were given out as a gift to attendees. The sticker set given out was designed by a famous artist, Gongkan, and was given out exclusively in the event. The surprise was taken up a notch with the cute gimmick of physically printing the stickers so guests can use the physical stickers to decorate their items.

2. Sales Promotion - Synergizing Event Stickers as a part of a product launch plan or annual promotions will create attractions. Brands can create Event Stickers to give as gifts during the product launch, giving download opportunity to customers who purchase the product during the launching period. During various special holidays when limited edition products are launched such as New Year and Valentine’s day, brands can make the occasion fees even more special by collaborating with artists to design Event Stickers to give as gifts to customers who purchase the physical product. This gives customers both the offline and online exclusives, simultaneously elevating sales and impression.

  3. Stimulating Engagement and Action - The interaction between brands and consumers is not limited to product purchase and service, but also includes emotional connection. Study finds that 70% of consumers who feel involved with the brand are more likely to spend on the brand by twice when compared to a normal person (ref: Event Stickers can act as the bridge that establishes strong brand relationships, leading to brand love by making a lasting impression that the consumers would feel that they are ‘someone special’ that the brand communicates through Event Stickers.

Don’t Wait for Success

The reason Event Stickers can lead brands to success is not only because its popularity in chats. Event Stickers can be viewed as the emotional symbol or brand presenter that will integrate with every moment in the user’s life. These are the factors brands should consider in order to build outstanding success with Event Stickers:

1.Who the brand’s target groups are? Set the download volume that aligns with the campaign.

2.What type of stickers is popular? Select the designs which align to the customers’ demand.

3.Perpetually showcase the stickers. Creating stories and emotional connection that would engrave the stickers in consumers’ memory.

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