Mar 12, 2021

LINE concluded THAILAND NOW AND NEXT, a 3 Days Online Conference. Great Success driving Thai business to Rebuild & Grow with Chat Commerce

LINE Thailand ended THAILAND NOW AND NEXT: REBUILD & GROW WITH CHAT COMMERCE with success. The online conference gathered a large number of Chat Commerce gurus to educate online vendors and business enthusiasts, with more than 600,000 attending the event over the course of 3 days.

The key content of the event revolves around doing business with Chat Commerce, starting with Keynote speech about the importance of Chat Commerce in the overall E-Commerce market in Thailand and the right approach to market planning. The event also spoke about the uniqueness and factors that make Chat Commerce an important element in growing business, which include gaining trust from clients by chatting that leads to personalized treatments and eventually to sealing the deal. Furthermore, Chat Commerce also helps entrepreneurs to expand their customer base while maintaining the loyalty of the existing ones by using technology and creating good impressions, just to name a few.

Additionally, the event showed how large enterprises -- such as Oriental Princess, BMW, BigC, and dtac -- can also benefit from Chat Commerce, being able to increase revenue and helping them weather the economic crisis through the use of LINE Official Account (LINE OA). Attendees were also introduced to LINE Ads Platform (LAP), an advertising system on the LINE platform that will greatly assist in reaching the target audience. 

The event not only offered brilliant concepts and theories, it also provided practical knowledge, giving examples of how a number of Thai SMEs have been utilizing Chat Commerce to help them survive the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and to continuously improve their sales performance. These entrepreneurs include Suitcube and PMK Polomaker from the fashion sector, Divana Spa from the service sector, Supanniga and The SummerCoffee from the food and beverage sector, as well as daily items maker BackJoy.

Another highlight that gained a lot of attention was the “How-to” segment, which demonstrated how to use the LINE platform, allowing participants to build up their skills, and kick start their Chat Commerce operations in a step-by-step format. The lecturers showed how to open and master LINE OA, as well as how to use other tools and features, such as MyShop, LINE SHOPPING, LINE Ads Platform, LINE MAN, and LINE BK, to name a few.

Norasit Sitivechvichit, Chief Commercial Officer, LINE Thailand, stated that THAILAND NOW AND NEXT was successful, not only the success number of attendees but also the knowledge they gained from the event. We truly hope that Thai entrepreneurs would apply what they learned and implement LINE’s technology in their operations, especially on Chat Commerce. LINE for Business is ready and willing to give advice to business operators, in order to help them grow sustainably.

Those who missed the live broadcast of THAILAND NOW AND NEXT can watch the rerun at and learn more about LINE’s various business tools for free at “LINE STUDY ROOM”

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