Dec 7, 2023

Cartier Launches World's First Exclusive Cartier Theme for VIP customers: Sponsored Theme on LINE, A revolution in Digital Luxury Brand Marketing

In its latest collaboration with Cartier, the globally renowned luxury jewelry brand, the Cartier Theme has been launched on LINE. This is the inaugural creation of a Sponsored Theme on the LINE platform, specifically crafted for Cartier's valuable customers during this year's festive season. It has been designed as an innovative digital tool, enabling the brand to create unlimited, unique and personalised experiences.

The Cartier Theme is a groundbreaking collaboration between Cartier and LINE for Business, marking Cartier's debut in creating a Sponsored Theme on LINE. Cartier is the first luxury brand in the world to craft this exceptional experience through a Sponsored Theme on LINE. The theme, designed as a special gift for the upcoming season of celebrations, aligns with Cartier’s global campaign, "The Fabulous House." This exclusive LINE theme invites users to embark on "The Fabulous Journey," a magical and inspiring expedition through the sumptuous world of Cartier.

The Cartier Theme on LINE is exclusively available to Cartier's customers until December 31st, 2023. This initiative breaks the mold of traditional luxury brand gift-giving, reflecting the brand's contemporary essence, while still delivering an outstanding and exclusive customer experience.

The Sponsored Theme features a unique interface, which reflects Cartier's distinctive character. It features a unique background and LINE application buttons. The theme’s vibrant and user-friendly design is expected to appeal to brand enthusiasts, especially luxury connoisseurs who form Cartier's clientele. Once downloaded and used, the Cartier Theme also serves as a means of communication and self-expression, letting others know that the user is a true Cartier aficionado.

LINE for Business continues its commitment to innovation a multitude of products and services, catering to the needs of Thai businesses and international businesses. LINE is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to the crafting of digital experiences specifically tailored to the new era of luxury brand marketing and seamless integration into the online lifestyle of Thais.

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