Increase LINE OA friends

This is for businesses looking to increase friends to LINE OA, to use this channel as main communication channel and building relationship with audience. 

Solution 1 More friends, more revenue

Any business aiming to substantially increase the number of friends on its LINE OA will find this achievable through LINE Ads. It offers targeted advertising campaigns tailored to 'add friends,' enabling brands to connect with new customers, whether by acquiring new users or expanding the customer base among groups exhibiting behaviors similar to the desired target audience.

Growing the number of friends within your LINE OA quickly with LINE Ads is a strategic objective that enables brands to reach new customers rapidly. This is achieved by specifying the target audience in great detail, considering factors like gender, age, location, interests, or finding the Look-a-Like Audience, and even defining your own criteria. This precision ensures that your advertising campaigns reach the intended audience accurately, attracting genuine followers.

Advertisements appear in prime positions across different locations within LINE. When customers click, they are automatically added as friends to the brand's LINE OA, simplifying the presentation of products, answering inquiries via chat, or closing sales.

The advantage of using 'add friends' advertising is that as your LINE OA gains more followers, your business has the potential for long-term sales closures. This, in turn, leads to increased sales over time

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Solution 2 Increasing Revenue with More Friends

For businesses that already have a LINE Official Account and aim to grow their follower base, ultimately converting them into loyal brand customers, there is a straightforward solution. You can achieve this goal by simply opting for Gain Friend Ads. However, please note that your LINE account must be a Verified Account (Blue badge) to access this feature.

The Gain Friend Ads feature from LINE OA is an advertising feature designed to make it easier for brands to acquire new followers with just a few clicks. To use this feature, your LINE OA must be upgraded to a Verified Account (Blue Badge) and must be capable of creating ads through the LINE OA manager.

Businesses can purchase ads with self-defined pricing through bidding, starting at just 1,000 Baht. You can also set specific targeting criteria, including gender, age, interests, or custom-defined target groups. Your ads will automatically appear in the most effective advertising positions.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base and reach potential long-term customers. As your LINE OA gains more followers, your sales potential increases, making this a powerful feature to exceed your sales targets, accelerate business growth, and consistently generate sales.

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