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Solution 1 Boost Sales with Broadcast

If you want to increase sales and win over customers, LINE Official Account can help. It addresses the communication needs between businesses and customers, bringing brands closer to their customers. Customers can easily access the brand, promoting the effectiveness of Chat Commerce strategies or selling through chat

LINE Official Account (LINE OA) significantly facilitates marketing efforts and reaching the target audience, ensuring that communication is at your fingertips. Brands can efficiently broadcast messages to announce promotions, recommend products, and run various campaigns. Additionally, LINE OA offers features that boost sales from both existing and new customers.

Increasing Sales & Generating Profits through Broadcasts:

  • Consistent message broadcasts keep customers informed about brand activities, ensuring they don't miss out on products and promotions. These broadcasts also enhance brand recognition through various engagement strategies.
  • Chat tags help categorize customers based on preferences, interests, or buying behavior. Brands can then broadcast tailored content to increase upselling, cross-selling, and provide customer service.
  • Retargeting message broadcasts focus on groups who have clicked links but haven't made purchases. This approach also targets those who have shown interest by clicking menus or belong to specific chat tag groups, encouraging them to make a purchase.
  • Step messages allow brands to automatically schedule content according to the customer's journey, ensuring that messages reach the right people at the right time. For instance, this can be based on when customers added the brand as a friend or segmented by customer types.

The more a business engages with its customers, the higher the chances of conversion. It helps create a memorable brand image and leads to increased sales. This interaction is a crucial step in building a brand's recognition and driving sales results.

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Solution 2 Quick Sales Closure: Place Orders Effortlessly via Chat.

Businesses or shops looking for an online selling platform that caters to both Social Commerce and Chat Commerce, all within one platform, will find LINE SHOPPING to be the ideal solution. Because LINE SHOPPING is seamlessly integrated into the LINE Ecosystem, enabling users to chat and shop within the app without the need to leave, making the process of closing deals easier and more convenient

LINE SHOPPING is the ultimate solution for businesses, addressing customer behavior that requires pre-purchase conversation or Chat Commerce. It enables customers to Chat & Shop all in one place, providing them with the best shopping experience, with up to a 45% higher chance of closing sales compared to other methods.

LINE SHOPPING also offers an easy-to-use backend system, simplifying store management to meet all customer needs:

  • Convenient chat-based selling, allowing orders to be placed through chats.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • 24-hour accessibility for customers.
  • One-stop in-app closing of sales.
  • Tools for gathering and categorizing customer followers, enhanced by Chat Tags.
  • Additional features that boost sales, such as LINE POINTS (accumulate points for discounts), store-provided discount coupons, and SEND GIFT (allowing users to send store products as gifts to friends on LINE instantly), all contributing to increased sales opportunities.

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with LINE OA and is linked to LINE Ads services, making LINE advertising more effective and precise. This results in even more sales closures than before.

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Solution 3 Quick Strategies to Boost Business Profits

For businesses looking to boost their sales quickly, LINE Ads is a powerful tool. It allows your advertising efforts to reach a highly precise audience of over 54 million users, increasing visibility and, consequently, the chances of closing more sales.

LINE Ads is a versatile advertising platform on LINE that allows brands to have full control over their ad budgets and campaign durations. It's a powerful tool for boosting sales through the promotion of products, promotions, and various brand activities. The platform enables precise targeting, making ads highly accurate and yielding the best results.

Brands can stimulate sales with diverse objectives tailored to their marketing strategies, such as:

  • Website Conversions: This helps increase sales through the brand's website. Customers can view information and make purchases directly from the website.
  • App Engagement: This caters to businesses with mobile apps, encouraging app users to engage more, such as placing orders or participating in sales-promoting activities.
  • Chat Ads: These ads foster customer engagement by prompting those interested in products to initiate chats for inquiries, increasing the chances of closing sales through chat interactions.

Additionally, creative ad placements can increase click-through rates. The system automatically selects optimal ad positions to reach both 'potentials' and 'real' customers. With LINE Ads, your sales results can significantly improve!

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