Customer Retention

Suitable for businesses aiming to keep existing customers satisfied, encourage repeat purchase and foster loyalty. 

Solution 1 Building a Loyal Customer Base to Connect with Your Brand

Customers are the essence of any business, which is why businesses need channels for communication and customer relationship management (CRM). Maintaining customer loyalty through Brand Love strategies is crucial, and LINE OA offers various features to help businesses achieve this. With these features, businesses can nurture their customer base, and occasional customers can transform into loyal, repeat customers with ease.

Cultivating a loyal customer base is a primary objective for any business. The stronger and more loyal your customer base, the better it is for your business's long-term growth. Hence, it's crucial for businesses to consistently leave a positive impression on their customers, ensuring customer satisfaction. This can lead to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals.

LINE Official Account (LINE OA) not only provides a channel for brands to get closer to their customers but also offers features for effective customer relationship management.

  • Chat Tags: This feature allows businesses to categorize customers into segments using tags, making it easier for admins to cater to their specific needs. It also enhances the effectiveness of broadcasts by targeting specific segments of customers based on their preferences.
  • Notes: The Notes feature allows businesses to record various customer-related information, helping brands get to know their customers better. This enables businesses to remember customer preferences and create a personalized experience during interactions.
  • Coupons: Offering discounts or rewards through coupons can entice customers to become loyal patrons of the brand. Such incentives make customers feel valued and more attached to the brand.
  • Reward Cards: Reward card features make it easier for brands to run loyalty programs that accumulate points. This encourages customers to return for repeat purchases, fostering a positive relationship with the brand.

These LINE OA features collectively contribute to enhancing customer service, developing efficient communication, and aligning with customers' lifestyles. When customers perceive that a brand genuinely cares about them, it strengthens the customer-brand relationship, leading to increased loyalty and long-term business growth.

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Solution 2 Creating Brand Loyalty

Businesses with customers in hand, whether it's LINE OA followers, past customers, or blocked customers, all of these are opportunities for the brand to attract them back and gain their support once again. This can be achieved through LINE retargeting strategies, focusing on reaching out to the potential customer groups, which can significantly increase sales.

Retargeting Strategy with LINE Ads is a method used to bring back our target audience or customers to re-engage with our products, stimulating their desire and closing sales. Brands can select their targets from customers who have blocked LINE Official Accounts, existing customers tagged through Chat Tag, or customers who have previously clicked on advertisements.

To ensure the highest effectiveness of advertisements on LINE, there are essential tools available to increase repeat purchases:

  • LINE Tag, a tool that collects customer behavior to create target groups for LINE Ads, allows for precise customer targeting and more efficient results. For instance, target groups can be created from individuals who have previously visited the website, added items to their cart, or made purchases through the website.
  • Business Manager, a central platform within the LINE Ecosystem that facilitates data exchange between LINE Official Accounts and LINE Ads, enabling better Cross Targeting for businesses. This can be used for advanced strategies like targeting customers who have previously clicked on LINE Ads or sending promotions to customers who have engaged with broadcast messages.

By leveraging these features, the brand communicates and offers products and services that align with customers' interests, thereby enhancing their brand experience. This, in turn, cultivates heightened brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases from existing customers, ultimately driving sustained, long-term sales growth

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