Get to Know LINE BK and the Secret to Success of LINE Ads



The full-on online market penetration of social banking

There is high competition at present to gain new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers. This requires a platform that is efficient at reaching a variety of users, making LINE an undeniable choice as a platform with over 47 million users across Thailand and that is used by a majority of brands to reach and update new customers as well as to communicate with existing customers to reinforce relationships.

LINE is a treasure trove for marketers seeking a strong customer base, offering myriad ways to create awareness on new products and services, especially through the use of LINE Ads for targeting advertisements to groups with specificity and accuracy. Brands can spend confidently on ads with LINE with its lower cost per action and vast base of users.

For a clear picture of how effective this can all be, we now present the LINE BK success case, which utilized LINE Ads to very enticing results.

Collaboration between LINE Financial Asia Corporation and Kasikorn Bank created a comprehensive social banking service where all financial activities can be completed through LINE without the user having to switch applications when transferring, paying or acquiring a loan.  

The objective of LINE BK was to attract LINE users to register for the service and it chose to market through the LINE Ads to enhance its ability to reach target groups and expand its customer base. What trick did LINE BK find in LINE Ads that led to its success? Let’s take a look.

The LINE BK strategy for LINE Ads

One strategy for advertising chosen by LINE BK to achieve targeted awareness was to divide its Core Audience. LINE Ads allows this to be done in a variety of ways, based on Location, Demographic, the OS used to access the application or, more notably, by Interest as revealed by the platform’s Core Targeting data. LINE surveys the engagement behavior and actions of users towards content within the LINE ecosystem such as stickers, news and products sold by advertisements.  


Apart from the Core Audience, LINE BK also targeted ads to a Custom Audience chosen by phone number, Email and by creating a Lookalike Audience based on users that successfully created a LINE Official Account with LINE BK.

After targeting users with specificity and accuracy, LINE BK was able to advertise through a variety of channels, including the Smart Channel in chats, LINE Timeline, Master Banner and LINE Today.

Through the power of LINE Ads, LINE BK was able to grow its customer base and saw up to 60% more conversions than on any other platform. Moreover, CPA on LINE Ads was lower than on other platforms as users did not have to cross platforms to access service, completing their actions right on LINE.

Win over customers with effective ads using concise, straightforward messages and a call to action!

On top of having a target audience, the look and message of an ad are other key aspects to reaching users and converting them into customers. LINE BK created over 30 ads for Learning, collecting data on each ad to uncover which resulted in its desired action. Above all, a winning advertisement must consist of a short, concise and straightforward message and a Call to Action. This has proven to be the most effective format for an ad. 

Overall, LINE BK was able to execute an advertising strategy on LINE Ads that was as simple as it was effective. By selecting an appropriate target audience and designing effective ads, LINE BK was able to successfully meet its goals.

Your business or brand can also tap into the powerful and accurate functions of LINE Ads and use its comprehensive base of customer data to design ads that efficiently and cost-effectively engage customers. Plot your business development or draft an advertising plan for LINE Ads by contacting LINE Business Consultants.