dtac has succeeded a marketing hook, utilizing LINE Ads to fulfil every step of customer journey


Connecting with customers in this digital era has become the most significant factor in achieving sustainable growth. dtac, one of the large telecommunication operators in Thailand, puts customer connection as their top priority. To build a solid connection, the brand needs to ‘humanize’ their approach to the customers so that the brand could gain a unique insight into customers’ inner circle. In securing the data from the first point of contact to connect in every step of the customer journey on LINE platform, dtac has successfully enabled them to launch a true Conversational Commerce in this digital era.



Seizing today’s opportunity with the latest Chat and Shop Conversational Commerce initiative.


The Covid 19 pandemic has prompted a new normal lifestyle, a more digitalized one. Limiting the access to physical stores, dtac has made the online experience more personable, and this has driven a greater focus on the digital online store experience. The Chat and Shop initiative on LINE Official Account closes the gap between the customer experience and physical store-visit. The customers have access to all the dtac services in real-time including device sales, sim card purchases, and network related transactions. Ultimately the dtac’s Chat and Shop is now a true data driven conversational commerce model.


LINE Ecosystem – personalizing customer virtual experience


Meaningful data collection creates meaningful conversation, the success starts from the first contact with dtac’s Chat and Shop. dtac enables ‘chat tag’ to categorize customers into ‘behavior’ and ‘interest’. For example, if a customer opens and clicks the broadcast message, dtac now understand the needs of the customer at that particular time. dtac can then engages with customers in a one-on-on conversation, responses to their real-time needs and thus, close sales.


Rich Menu also plays an important role in ensuring the message from the brand is recognized. dtac ensures that the services offered at the physical store can be accessed via this channel in a click, including simcard purchase, device sales, and innovative mobile number finder services. dtac is able to collect customer data by employing the LINE action tag to learn, segment and connect with their customers, making a unique human connection possible.



Moving forward to full-fledged data-driven chat commerce with LINE Ads


dtac Chat and Shop has launched and established a great success as a data-driven and 360-degree conversational commerce initiative. Three key strategies are implemented.


1. Combining the acquired data with LINE Ads for maximum efficiency

The combination of data sources including chat tag, impression/clicks collection, allows for full loop solution from LINE OA to advertising on LINE Ads. dtac is now able to create a custom audience building upon first party data - phone & email, LINE OA cross targeting data- chat tag & clicks, to not only engage with personalized offerings but also reengage and set a solid foundation for a long-term customer relationship.


2. Advertising on smart channel to reach the target customers faster


Smart Channel is a TV equivalent of an online channel, showing strong audience penetration. Reaching over 50 million LINE users, collecting customer’s information for reengagement to close sales, this strategy is one of the most cost-effective methods of acquiring the quality leads at scale.


3. Implementing an always-on Gain Friends campaign


Success in a conversion game is largely dependent on the foundation. Continual expansion of the target audience of dtac proves strong yet sustainable business growth. Gain Friends objective on LINE Ads ensures the new followers are reached at minimum cost with precision targeting from data collection and audience segmentation. This reflects that dtac has mastered in Chat and Shop scheme.



Business result made possible by building human connection


The precision targeting with LINE Ads together with dtac’s Chat and Shop data driven initiative, the interests of customer and dtac response are intertwined. dtac is not only able to precisely acquire but also to retain the current customers and prolong the customer lifetime relationship. As a result, dtac has outstandingly achieved a;


  • 2% increase in brand preference from 2020
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased by 20% comparing to other telecommunication providers
  • 70% higher customer reach than other campaigns launched by other operators in the same campaign period.



dtac’s key success factors


Conversational commerce coupled with LINE Ads allows data to be collected, precisely utilized and personally connected with dtac’s customers, ensuring the sustainable growth and success for the brand.


1. The usage of LINE Official Account as the essential tool to capture the interest of customers at the first point of contact helps the brand to master audience’s interests. Additionally, it helps to effectively connect on a personal level responding to real time needs.  Also, it supports the LINE Ads campaign to be more accurate, cost effective and time saving.


 2. Combination of data collection and utilization from first party data, dtac Chat and Shop, and the usage of LINE Ads supports the personalized real-time offers to the customers.


3. The Continual acquisition of friends secures a stronger foundation for sustainable growth.


It is apparent that LINE Ads is an important mechanism that assists dtac in driving a successful data-driven conversational commerce initiative and enhancing the full customer experience as if they walk into physical dtac stores. The platform reflects dtac’s success in building a long-lasting connection with dtac customers where data collection and usage is intertwined in dtac’s Chat and Shop journey.