LINE accelerates forward with MyRestaurant, a business solution that understands restaurant operators.

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The restaurant business in 2021 is full of uncertainty. COVID-19 is still an ever-present concern. The economy has yet to recover and competitors can overtake you at every minute. This is a real challenge for restaurant operators.


However, in the midst of this crisis there is an opportunity to turn things around and that is online retail and delivery service which has seen rapid growth. Consumer behavior has changed drastically. People no longer want to eat at restaurants or waste time in queues. Plus, ordering food through apps comes with an array of discounts and promotions to choose from. 


But, as more restaurants make the jump into the online arena, new challenges emerge that their operators must address. Customer service has changed. We have shifted away from in-person service to online service in response to physical distancing. Restaurants on delivery platforms have to get noticed amongst a sea of competition. In addition, if you don’t have enough data on your customers it can be extremely difficult to create an effective marketing strategy. Being in this position takes a lot of tenacity. Luckily, there’s a new solution to help you effectively and confidently answer all these problems and help your restaurant succeed in this fight for survival.


So, who is going to help us?!

MyRestaurant is a smart assistant that understands every need of restaurants.

To support all restaurant needs, Wongnai for Business and LINE Thailand have developed a new solution: MyRestaurant. This is a tool that lets people communicate via a LINE Official Account designed to specifically accommodate restaurants and enable much better communication with customers than ever before. It comes with lots of features that benefit restaurant businesses including: checking total sales, data analysis for targeted marketing, growing LINE Official Account followers, information management, increasing sales channels, and reducing spending costs. On top of that, MyRestaurant even helps efficient O2O (Offline to Online) communication and marketing. Now, let us take a closer look and see how these MyRestaurant features work.

Customized Online Storefronts with The RICH MENU

While your restaurant may have entered the digital space, having an attractive storefront is still important and can’t be overlooked. The design should also be easy-to-use. MyRestaurant is the best way to manage an online restaurant page as it allows you to customize your chat page on your LINE Official Account with the Rich Menu feature. This means that any customer who has added your account as a friend will get to enjoy a unique design that could win them over and encourage them to use your service on a regular basis. After all, dining is also a visual experience.


Here are some simple uses of the Rich Menu that we recommend for restaurants:

  •  Delivery via LINEMAN - customers can order their food through the LINE Official Account directly.
  •  Pick Up – customers can order food in advance on the LINE Official Account and pick it up at the store themselves when it’s ready without wasting time in the queue.
  •  Reward Card – maintain a customer base with a CRM system that lets customers accumulate points to redeem for promotions and special rewards.
  •  Restaurant Profile – tell the story of your restaurant or share the history of your chef.
  • Smart Menu – an online contactless menu that customers can use to order food by QR Code. (We’ll talk more about this later)

 Now that you have an attractive storefront, you can be sure that your restaurant will provide a more memorable experience for your customers helping it to stand out from your competitors.

Report Directly Addresses Online Communication Strategy

In addition to presenting an attractive storefront, good service, as always, is the way to the customer’s heart. However, it is not enough to simply guess what people want. This is where the data comes in. The more you collect, the more effective your strategy will be. MyRestaurant provides a Report feature that gives you the answers you need to develop your own online communication strategy in an easy-to-understand manner.

Information is divided into 2 types:

  •  Sales Report – shows you daily sales, popular menu items, canceled orders and associated reasons, and sales of each branch.
  •  Customer Report – shows you the total number of customers organized by purchase type, branch used, or money spent etc. One of the highlights of MyRestaurant is that this information can be shared with the Wongnai Merchant App and your LINE Official Account. This lets you see your followers who have yet to order anything from you as well as those who have ordered from you but do not follow you. In turn, this lets you retarget your marketing strategy and broadcast to specific groups.

 Now that you have all that information in your hand, you don’t need to live in uncertainty any longer. This data can be used to develop all kinds of strategies, improve your online communication, or even change, improve, and even innovate your restaurant itself. After all, knowing your enemy is half the battle won.

SMART MENU – A Contactless Menu for The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our way of life. Everyone is trying to protect themselves by physical distancing. This was the catalyst for the development of the Smart Menu in MyRestaurant. It’s Dine-In feature lets customers look at a digital menu on their smartphone by simply scanning a QR Code placed at their table. Customers can place orders and pay instantly without even calling an employee. The order is conveniently placed through the restaurant’s Wongnai Merchant App.


In addition to reducing contact, the Dine-In feature offers other benefits as well including cost reduction from unnecessary menu printing every time you need to change an item or a price, offering different language options for foreign clientele, and increasing the number of followers to the store’s LINE Official Account which helps you conduct Retargeting or Broadcast to communicate with your customers in the future. The Smart Menu in MyRestaurant is also available in Read-Only format so that customers can view your menu through your LINE Official Account.


As you can see, the Smart Menu not only minimizes exposure and improves restaurant hygiene, it’s also equipped with many useful features that will keep your restaurant on pace with the new normal of the future as well.


Amidst the endless uncertainties of the present world, MyRestaurant is always in your corner to help you stand strong on the food battlefield every step of the way.