MyCustomer – A New Path for Brands to Get Ahead of the Competition with 1st Party Data


Over the past few years, many people have probably heard the phrase ‘data is the new oil’. Today, businesses all around the world have embraced Data-Driven Marketing. Information has become an invaluable resource for giving brands the opportunity to further develop their potential. The benefit of information is not exclusive to brands. Consumers themselves have come to expect that brands will understand their needs and give them the best experience. All the information these consumers willingly share must therefore be applied at the right place, at the right time, and with the knowledge of where each individual consumer is in their respective purchase or service cycle.

Therefore, 1st Party Data has become the heart of online marketing. One of the main reasons for this is due to the increasing number of consumer data privacy issues. This means that brands have had to find other ways to collect information from their consumers directly instead of through a 3rd party. 1st Party Data has become the most talked about trend of the year and new LINE tools like MyCustomer are the answer these brands have been looking for.

1st Party Data – the way forward for targeted marketing of the era

1st Party Data is information that brands collect directly from their customers. This can be done through a website, email, social media applications, or LINE Official Account (LINE OA). Importantly, all this information is collected fully transparently with the consent of the customer. This information can offer these brands a clearer picture of who their customers are. How do they behave? What things do they like? Data collected in this way is extremely reliable and effective in the design of a new product or in the process of Retargeting a customer group. Learning from Consumer Insights is absolutely essential for brands as it allows them to approach their consumers intelligently and precisely.

According to a new report by Merkle, 88% of marketers agree that collecting and storing 1st Party Data over the next 6-12 months are one of their top priorities and 52% are focused on digital strategies that will enable them to collect more data (source: Marketing Dive). MyCustomer can be compared to a new multipurpose tool that can help brands collect that data and plan marketing strategies to achieve their goals. This solution will help brands understand their customers better as well as give businesses the push they need to grow into the future. It accomplishes this by combining 1st Party Data with other forms of Data.

MyCustomer a new tool to drive the future of business

MyCustomer is a new type of Customer Data Platform (CDP). It enhances brands’ ability to collect and analyze data obtained via a LINE Official Account. It can also import data from other sources to manage customer information more efficiently.

MyCustomer consists of three main sections:

  • Build – Build a database that can collect data from Gain Friends Ads, Custom Surveys, and Mission Stickers; as well as import data that can be stored in the system.
  • Analyze – Analyze insights to separate target audiences when conducting future marketing campaigns. For example, brands can perform Audience Segmentation by creating Audience Tags through data previously obtained as well as from their Audience through Chat and Keywords Auto Response.
  • Engage – Provide Personalized content based on customer interests. This may be in the form of a catered Rich Menu for each target group, as a Personalized Message with a unique Display, or Profile Photo; or even as a Flex Message which can offer eye catching appeal. Multiple Personalized Messages may be sent in a very short amount of time. Very soon, brands will be able to send Unique Promo Codes that target specific individuals as well. This lets brands offer a wide variety of promotions and monitor new campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t with detailed statistics. This data can then be used to develop further campaigns.

All this makes MyCustomer the most powerful tool available at this point in time. It does everything from creating information to communicating. In addition, LINE also has other applications that let brands more easily connect with their consumers as though they were close friends. Brands can now speak to their consumers directly.

Comprehensive features, easy to use, precise strategizing

MyCustomer comes packed with a variety of features which makes it easy to manage, store, and analyze data, as well as present items of interest to customers. For the first phase of release, here is a list of available features:

Example of broadcasting a personalized message through MyCustomer

  • Broadcast – Send messages to your followers through text, photos, video, tappable messages and personalized messages.
  • Chats – Chat directly with followers on a 1:1 basis. Tag customers according to their respective group.
  • Audience – create tags to define your audience. Import a follower base from existing data.
  • Rich Menu – Customize image tabs. Create a vast array of interactions between bots and followers.
  • Automation – Create messages to be replied automatically.
  • Survey – create questionnaires to develop business. Customers will always be informed with the details of the data collection including the period of data storage. Once this period has been reached the data will be automatically deleted in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

This shows that LINE is not just a channel for customer connectivity but a Customer Data Platform for brands. LINE is the most widely used application in Thailand with over 47 million users. This app is part of people’s Life Journey constantly at their side 24/7 from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. MyCustomer is a fundamental tool that can help brands truly understand the needs of their customers.

The more accurate the information, the greater the strength even in the midst of a crisis

The more a brand understands their consumers, the stronger they will grow. No matter the situation, a brand must adapt to their consumers. It is important to note that needs and preferences can change over time. Brands need to be aware of this and modify their approach accordingly. With the data collecting ability of MyCustomer, it is now easier than ever before to generate sales and provide excellent service. These are some of the things a brand can do with the right data:

  • Design content and promotions for sales
  • Divide and target audiences for advertising and retargeting.
  • Personalize according to the diverse needs of consumers.
  • Better understand the Customer Journey before purchase.

Of course, any brand that can store 1st Party Data first has a tremendous advantage. From now on, consumers will begin paying more attention to their personal information. If consumers understand that sharing this information will improve their user experience, they may be more willing to share some of that information as they deem necessary. Whatever channel they provide this information to must be trustworthy. An important question brands need to ask themselves is whether or not the data they currently have is 1st Party Data. If not, MyCustomer is the perfect solution!