Best LINE OA features marketers must not miss in 2021

LINE Official Account


Going into 2021, understanding the insights of your customers is one of the increasingly difficult challenges businesses and brands face in a market composed of customers who are prone to boredom.


Customers often switch brands when the market is saturated with alternative products and services to choose from. Therefore, maintaining your relationship with existing customers while converting new ones into regulars is one of the keys to the necessary business growth.


The question is - what can you do to build a good relationship with customers?


While you are always at risk of customers turning away from your brand, the solution to this predicament is to always be ‘attracting’ new customers and ‘paying attention’ to existing ones. Regardless of your business type, a constant engagement with high quality, prompt, and understanding service is what conceives the positive impression that leads to repeating purchase.


Most importantly, inserting your brand in the communication channel your customers use can drastically build the much needed intimacy your customers look for in their journey.


Without a doubt, everyone is using LINE, thus brands can easily communicate with customers with a LINE Official Account. Therefore LINE Official Account is the best tool for businesses or brands to win customers’ hearts.


There are many LINE features that serve as personalized marketing such as personalised messaging. This is one of the many simple but highly effective methods that can get you close and profoundly understand the insight of your customers.


Let us show you the various tools available to LINE Official Account that marketers can use to build relationships with their customers akin to personalised messaging.


Friend Path can tell you which channel the customers used to approach you


One of the main features of LINE Official Account that was created to help you categorize your target markets is Friend Path. This feature will identify the specific path your customers took to add you on their friend list on LINE. It can also identify what customer’s point of entry has the most traffic, whether it is the add friend icon, QR Code, LINE Login, Sponsored Stickers, or numerous other paths that lead the customers to your LINE Official Account.

The information given by Friend Path is highly beneficial to the formation of your marketing strategy. You can use it to analyze your customers in-depth in order to instantly be informed of the channel where the customers’ interactions are from, giving you the ability to accurately recommend products or promotions that perfectly fits the target group.


For example, if most customers who added your brand on their friend list come from website-embed QR Code, you can create a special promotion through the websites to reinforce even more sales.


Using Chat Tag to thoroughly categorize your target groups


To help you thoroughly categorize your target groups in detail and communicate the most effective message to each of them, LINE Official Account has added the Chat Tag feature. This feature allows you to attach category tags on every customer who reaches out to you via the 1:1 Chat function, allowing you the convenience of sorting them into categories. You can then choose to send a message to specific groups as categorized by the Chat Tag you set up such as ‘Asking For Information’, ‘New Customer’, or ‘VIP Customer’


Chat Tag can also be used to notify you of the customer’s current status such as ‘ waiting to pay’, ‘waiting for delivery’ or ‘sales closed’. You simply have to open the 1:1 chat with the customer and set a tag to categorize the customer. With this process, promotions and group-specific messages can be sent with ease. You have an option of 200 tags to choose from. A single customer can be tagged with 10 tags maximum.


You can also filter customers according to the tags attached to them. This allows you to directly communicate with specific groups of customers without disturbing the others.


Getting ahead of conversion with LINE Tag to maximize your benefits


LINE Tag is highly compatible with businesses that have their own websites. When integrated with business websites, the capability of LINE Official Account is elevated and fully realized.


In the past, when your message is broadcasted to the customers, the only information that returns to you regarding the sent message is whether the message has been read or whether the attached links have been clicked on.


As for the present, LINE tag allows you to track any conversion that stemmed from the sent message and display the entire journey your customer went from being triggered by the message to the point of conversion. This maximizes the benefits you reap from your marketing investment as you are now equipped with the means to identify valuable users from the rest.

Audience Feature accurately identify target groups


The benefits of Friend Path, Chat Tag and LINE Tag are not exclusive to each individual feature. The data collected from these features can be integrated to create the Audience Feature to be used for retargeting your ads by creating the most effective personalized messages unique to all your target markets from the following channels:


● Broadcast   

Build Audience from the collection of data of users who clicked your links or read your messages that have been broadcasted so the customers can easily be retargeted in the future.

Chat Tag 

Categorizing target groups from the various Chat Tags to create Chat Tag Audience.  

● Gain friends

Also known as adding friends. You can identify what Friend Path the customer took to add you on their friend list. For example, if you want to create a campaign for followers who added you to their friend list during the new year holidays, you can create a target group of customers who took the friend path during that specific period. 

● Web Traffic

If you have LINE Tag codes embedded in the website of your business or brand, you can retrieve the traffic data to be used with the Audience feature for ad retargeting. 


You can use UserID Upload to create Audience for ad retargeting.


When you use these Audiences to smartly plan your marketing strategy, your results will be maximized. You can use Audience for advanced targeting on LINE Official Account and integrate with cross-targeting on LINE Ads.

Cross Targeting between LINE OA and LINE Ads maximizes your ad return

A great example of how the Audience feature can elevate your marketing is to do cross-targeting between LINE Official Account and LINE Ads.


The demographic of LINE's user base covers every gender, age and region. The data gathered through Audience allows you to increase the effectiveness of your ad on LINE Ads in many ways:


● Sending ads to your LINE Official Account followers as well as customers from the Look-a-like Audience group. For example, if the marketing objective of a credit card company is to acquire new customers, the company can buy ad to appear on LINE accounts of existing followers as well as look-a-like audience. 


● Sending ads to target groups who are your LINE Official Account followers. For example, if a swimsuit brand wants to announce new promotions to existing customers during the summer holidays, it can create a Chat Tag Audience group, set the ad to appear at the beginning of the summer holidays.

LINE API is an indispensible feature for marketers. We have offered this feature free of charge since 2019 and substantially grew the feature since. LINE Official Account is no longer exclusively used for communication.


Many brands have effectively built their business on LINE Official Account and utilize the multi-functional LINE API as the jumping point to an even higher peak of growth.


OPEN API is your campaign’s most effective assistant


There are 3 major LINE APIs that can be used to accelerate your business. Here is how each of them benefit your venture:


LINE Messaging API - Besides the usefulness of Chat Bot that can automatically answer questions from customers on your LINE Official Account, having LINE Messaging API means you can adjust the nature of your personalized messages to different groups of Audience. You can increase the rate of your replies to make them more prompt, answer frequently asked questions or answer every target group with their unique respective answers that will most effectively trigger the customer’s response.


● LINE Login - Helps retrieve valuable data such as display name, email, and User ID when existing customers log into their LINE Account. To reach various services by LINE, the customer does not need to log in every time they use LINE because LINE Login has already memorized the user’s data.


LINE Frontend Framework (LIFF) - the customer is able to use a Web Application in the chat window without the need to leave LINE and jump to another program. The user can also share web pages to their friends on LINE.


These LINE APIs can help your businesses or brands to effectively utilize LINE Official Account. For information on our many handy APIs:


You can see that LINE Official Account is filled with many functions and gimmicks to empower your businesses or brands


Audience Feature helps you to communicate with customers, track their behaviour, and build the correct target audience for your business through Chat Tag, Friend Path and LINE Tag. LINE Tag helps track data and build Audience groups that can be approached separately from the whole target market. Cross-targeting between LINE Official Account and LINE Ads or using OPEN API can hugely help your marketing roadmap.



With all these insightful features, all you need is a smart and practical marketing strategy, every coin you spend on your ad is accounted for a substantial return.


And the best part? Every data collected from your sales increase come back to further improve the efficiency of your LINE Official Account, giving you more insights for future tasks and campaigns.