The Secret Weapon FMCGs Need — The LINE Ecosystem Unleash Data Excellence for Enhanced Experiences!

LINE for Business

With consumer preferences changing faster than ever, it’s never been more important — or more challenging — to market your products effectively. Customers constantly seek superior experiences and demand products that resonate with their desires. To thrive in this dynamic environment, brands must be proactive, anticipate consumer needs, and tailor their offerings accordingly. 

What businesses need are insights — deep insights — into what consumers actually want, their behaviors and preferences, at every step of the purchasing funnel. And the key to unlocking these insights is data.

For the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in particular, success hinges on agile marketing strategies fueled by data. Consumer trends can transform overnight and products evolve rapidly, making a data-driven approach indispensable. For these businesses, LINE offers the ideal solutions, with a complete ecosystem of data-related tools from data collection to analysis to deployment. 

Adapting to the changing customer landscape

The digital revolution was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and today consumers expect impeccable digital experiences. FMCG businesses must adapt to reflect this reality.

1. Enhance the Power of Mobile 

Roughly 90% of Thais access the internet via smartphone and  81.2% of Thais use social media. Therefore, mobile marketing is a non-negotiable imperative. It must be not only user-friendly but also seamless for payments and convenience.

2. Unleash the Potential of Social Media in Retail 

As consumer habits shifted during the pandemic lockdowns, online shopping took center stage. In 2022, 68.3% of online shoppers in Thailand were aged 16-64, with FMCG accounting for 45.8% of their purchases. This underscores the profound transformation in Thai online shopping behavior.

3. Cater to Selective Consumers

Economic uncertainty has made consumers more selective. They conduct serious research before making purchase decisions, taking into account product attributes, reviews, promotions, and multi-channel benefits, to get products that worth the price and quality. 

Winning over customers with data!

Before we can win customers over we have to understand what data-driven marketing is all about. At its heart, this means compiling and using data to help brands gain greater insights into the preferences of individual customers and understand how they seek out products, how their purchase decisions differ and what categories of content they prefer.

But the question arises: Where does the data come from? Previously, brands mostly had to rely on third-party data, but now brands who don’t have their own data about their own customers are at a disadvantage, with great limitations on their marketing. Therefore, accessing customers for data is essential.

So, which platform today has a large part of the Thai population? Which is easy to use, familiar and meets business needs? The answer is clear — LINE, with over 54 million users! LINE has a complete suite of solutions to offer a superior experience on the LINE Ecosystem.

Enhance LINE OA capabilities with the seamless integration of ‘MyCustomer‘

To perform Data-driven Marketing, the first thing a brand needs is to compile its direct data (also known as “First-party data”). This makes it easier to become familiar with the distinguishing market segments and set targets more accurately, as well as to communicate and offer experiences.

LINE’s MyCustomer feature helps at every stage of data from collection to use. It can be well adapted to LINE OA if it is adjusted to unlock its full potential. Brands can adjust text as appropriate for customer preferences and demand, to close more sales more easily.

Shaping 1st Party Data and marketing from a position of knowledge 

Build – Building a Database 

Forge customer loyalty through LINE OA. As customers add friends on LINE OA, they can associate loyalty cards or initiate instant applications, adding First Party Data within the system. Furthermore, LINE enables direct data collection through surveys, offering insights into customer preferences. Responses guide product development and content creation.
Mission Stickers: Incentivize questionnaire completion, helping to gather substantial customer data swiftly.

Analyze – with Deep Insight 

• FMCG businesses can perform accurate segmentation to create an optimal experience for customers. The brand can segment customers by user preference, segmenting a target group from data in the system, such as target segments obtained from questionnaires, or importing data from existing databases.

  • Tags enable segmentation. The Action Tag works when a customer clicks on a picture or types of Auto Response Keywords which have been tagged, so the customer is immediately segmented under the Action Tag. Secondly, the Chat Tag is attached to customers in a 1-1 Chat, with customer segments like young mothers, seniors or fresh food shoppers.
  • Re-segmenting Audience Segments by incorporating data from many different surveys 

Engage – with Personalized Marketing

Offering personalized content matching customer preferences, to level up the customer experience with improved offers.

  • Segmented Rich Menu only displays a target segment, such as a rich menu for the young mothers segment, showing products and promotions for primary caregivers and children.
  • Targeting Messages specify required text to be more exclusive. It is possible to bring up User Profiles and Display Names to display in messages, or send messages containing Unique Promo Codes or Unique Selling Points

Customers get what they want from being a specified target segment, by choosing more than one segment 

This is how MyCustomer can enable brands to achieve their business goals!

Business Manager adds capabilities to expand businesses for bigger profits  

The next phase is using data to expand a business. FMCG businesses cannot communicate only with LINE OA. They must communicate with much wider coverage to create new sales opportunities. 

Business Manager, a hub platform for managing 1st Party Data compiled by the LINE Ecosystem, is another important tool. With this tool, brands can perform analyses and prepare better communications plans.  

One most notable feature of Business Manager is Cross Targeting, from connections between LINE OA, LINE Ads and Smart Channel 

Elevating marketing outcomes

With data in hand and powerful tools from LINE, businesses can develop marketing campaigns with greater agility and diversity. Here is an example of efficient communications and delivering ads to target segments with Business Manager

1. Sharing target segment of followers on LINE OA of brand A, to send ads on the LINE Ads account of brand B 

For big brands who have a LINE OA account for their core brands, other LINE OA accounts for branches or sub-brands can increase advertising solutions by taking data from followers of the main LINE OA account to send more ads to friends of sub-brands. For instance, if customers of Brand A are in the homemaker segment, and the brand wants to stimulate sales of Brand B’s seasoning products, they can use data of the target segment of Brand B to expand the customer base with a trending preference for the product.

2. Share target segments clicking on LINE Ads advertisements of a brand, to deliver an ad on the LINE Ads account of Brand B

Sharing data on target segments who have previously clicked on the ads of Brand A, which could be a typical supermarket brand.

There have been previous ad campaigns involving clicking at various places in the LINE Ecosystem, while Brand B is a restaurant business under Brand A. Using this raw material, we can use data from Brand A to fire an ad at brand B, because this segment of customers is already fans or previous users of Brand A, giving them a tendency to favor the services of Brand B.

There are also other forms of Cross Targeting with a diverse range of uses and benefits.

A LINE advertising campaign using Business Manager can lead to an increase in key conversion indicators and reduced Cost Per Action (CPA)

(* Reference data from advertising campaigns launched on 1-2/2022 in Japan). CPA was reduced 80% while CVR increased 110%, versus businesses not using Business Manager.

Businesses can get more out of their existing data by using it for subsequent retargeting, for customers who have shown their clear preference but who have lingered on their purchase decision.

The target segment is used as a database. After segmentation, LINE Ads are delivered across the platform, getting the most out of the data, with the full potential of LINE. The process truly grows from getting to know, getting to understand and developing new strategies.

A new future for business, starting today

FMCG businesses face many challenges, but they’re also ready to adapt their businesses to achieve success. Today, the online experience has become essential. Connecting the online world seamlessly to the offline world is even more important.

At the same time, each customer wants to realize their personalized preferences even more, and data is the key for businesses to have agile marketing that is focuses on its targets. Customer demand can be forecast and used to offer superior communications or experiences. Today, FMCG businesses must move on from being product-centric to being customer-centric, to keep up with the never-ending evolution of consumer demand.

Through all these challenges, LINE is standing right behind companies to support their every success. When it comes to data, the MyCustomer and Business Manager tools can be used to develop marketing that meets all of your objectives and address all your issues efficiently. Today, businesses cannot ignore LINE, because businesses cannot operate without essential consumer data. 

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