Maximizing Business Growth Through LINE: Consumer Engagement and E-Commerce Efficiency

Generation x Business solution x Shopping Behavior


These days, consumers favor the convenience of e-commerce and chat commerce more than ever. As a result, businesses across the board are venturing into the online market, and the choice of the platform is of utmost importance. It must cater to customer accessibility, chat convenience, and online sales. Which platform can handle it all? 

The ideal answer is clearly LINE, which has created a platform uniquely positioned to meet the needs of businesses, both in the present and the future. Regardless of the strategic approach you take, LINE offers solutions ready to serve, with comprehensive marketing tools such as MyCustomer, which enhances customer data management, and Business Manager, which can boost CTR by up to 46% or 1.5 times (*based on LINE's pilot campaign).

Consumer Behavior Trends Impacting Brands

In the current Thai demographic landscape, the two largest blocks are Gen X and Gen Y, comprising approximately 16 million and 15 million individuals, respectively. These two generational groups are considered the primary buying power in the market. Survey results reveal that 78.6% of Gen Y and 66.7% of Gen X make digital purchases. During the past Valentine's Day season, both groups displayed significant spending habits, with Gen X averaging 1,666 baht per person and Gen Y averaging 1,251 baht per person. Additionally, these generations exhibit distinctive behaviors:

  • Gen X demonstrates high brand loyalty, preferring to make purchases through both traditional and digital channels. They are attracted to attractive offers such as coupons and loyalty programs.
  • Gen Y makes purchase decisions based on reviews, recommendations, and social media discussions. They are increasingly willing to pay a premium for trending products.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, tastes have shifted even faster towards online shopping, a trend that remains prevalent even as physical shopping returns to normalcy.

The e-commerce landscape in Thailand is poised for substantial growth, with a projected value of 694 billion baht (US$19.3 billion) by 2024. In the year 2024, consumer expenditures have surged threefold compared to 2019, increasing from 2,970 baht per person to 8,840 baht per person. Notably, digital commerce has witnessed a surge in the popularity of specific product categories, including personal & household care, beverages, and food.

Furthermore, the act of online shopping extends beyond the mere acquisition of goods. Consumers now seek brand engagement, whether it's to address queries, provide purchasing assistance, or establish a connection. Chat commerce plays a pivotal role in facilitating these interactions, contributing to enhanced conversion rates and increased sales closure opportunities.

LINE Solutions for Online Customer Engagement

With an immense user base of 54 million people, LINE serves as a pivotal platform where consumers interact with businesses. These users seamlessly incorporate LINE into their daily lives, whether for work-related tasks, personal communication, shopping, or brand interactions. LINE effectively closes the gap between brands and customers, ensuring constant connectivity.

LINE Official Account (LINE OA) is used as a tool for brands to acquire customers into their ecosystems, a natural way to engage with customers. Moreover, businesses can establish their online stores on LINE SHOPPING, which is frequented by 12 million users monthly, free of charge. The LINE ecosystem provides comprehensive support, making it easier for brands to conduct business.

  • LINE OA facilitates two-way communication for effective brand engagement.
  • MyCustomer allows data collection and analysis for marketing optimization.
  • Business Manager enhances LINE Ads efficiency for all objectives.
  • LINE VOOM boosts brand visibility, reaching over 35 million users monthly.
  • LINE SHOPPING seamlessly connects the online store with the LINE chat app, enabling chat-based orders and linking to other social platforms to expand sales opportunities.

LINE Official Account: Brand Opportunities

LINE OA offers an array of features that make business operations smoother and more efficient. Starting with the first impression of adding customers as friends, brands can create a positive image with Greeting Messages for an unforgettable first interaction. 

Following that, the Rich Menu becomes a valuable tool for guiding customers to their specific needs. Brands can customize their Rich Menu to help customers access what they require instantly, reducing the workload of administrators.

Rich Menu examples:

  • Travel businesses (hotels, airlines, tours) can provide information on travel packages, room reservations, ticket bookings, or check-ins.
  • Food and beverage establishments can showcase their menus, branch locations, delivery services, and loyalty programs.
  • Clothing and jewelry brands can facilitate online and offline shopping, promotions, online order placement, and product registration.
  • Beauty and electronics companies can offer a range of services, including product information, product registration, service centers, and sales locations.

In short, LINE OA makes it convenient for brands across various industries to offer an enhanced customer experience, whether for online or offline shopping, while also promoting their services, products, and promotions effectively.

In addition, brands have the opportunity to enhance their customer experiences through LINE OA with API integration, streamlining services and adapting to various business formats. For example, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses can bring their entire product range to customers through chat, connecting LINE OA with their brand database to facilitate shopping. This integration not only improves convenience but also seamlessly links with payment systems, making transactions effortless. Customers can enjoy a frictionless online shopping experience, whether in a single channel or across multiple channels.

The key advantage of API integration is that brands gain detailed insights into customer preferences, allowing for future enhancements of customer engagement. This includes customized message broadcasts, promotional design, data analysis for new campaigns, and precise customer care to maintain long-term customer relationships.

Expanding Business Through Personalized Marketing

Marketing strategies that make customers feel special, win the hearts of both Gen X and Gen Y, and transform them into loyal customers involve delivering content tailored to individual customer needs. This approach creates a positive customer experience, instills trust in the brand, and makes it easier for customers to accept enticing offers.

Benefits of Personalized Marketing:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: Personalized marketing fosters greater customer participation, delivering experiences that align with their preferences.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Exceptional experiences strengthen customer-brand relationships and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: By presenting content that directly addresses customer needs, personalized marketing effectively influences purchase decisions.

However, gaining customer insights relies on data. MyCustomer is a solution that facilitates a deeper understanding of customers, utilizing data to capture 1st party data directly from customers. According to a report by BigCommerce, 72% of consumers are willing to share certain personal data in exchange for more tailored shopping experiences.

Having access to behavioral data, interests, and preferences allows MyCustomer to perform precise customer segmentation for brands, ensuring the highest level of communication efficiency and enabling targeted re-engagement with specific customer segments. Furthermore, the data is leveraged for the development of Rich Menu designs that are tailored to each customer group, delivering a personalized user experience.

Leveraging Business Manager for Improved Results

Business Manager is a powerful data management tool that enhances business results. It acts as a central hub that connects data between LINE OA, LINE Ads, and LINE Smart Channel. This integration allows for comprehensive and diversified target group creation, which, in turn, expands the customer base.

One particularly effective feature of Business Manager is Cross Targeting. This feature enhances communication and campaign efficiency by using groups of customers who have previously seen advertisements through LINE Ads as a target group for sending broadcast messages via LINE OA. Similarly, it leverages customer groups that have previously clicked on broadcast messages to target advertisements through LINE Ads. This stimulates demand and drives increased sales.

For businesses with multiple LINE Official Accounts (OA) or LINE Ads accounts, it becomes even smoother to share target audience data. You can easily share follower groups among these accounts for various marketing purposes. This not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also helps reduce operational costs for your business.

Driving Your Business Forward

LINE has become an indispensable platform for businesses. It enables marketing efforts both proactively and responsively. Chat is a vital marketing tool, playing a central role in fostering trust and confidence between customers and brands.

LINE Official Accounts (OA) offer several features that enhance brand credibility and audience reach. The use of Chat Commerce, such as setting a brand-matching name for your LINE OA Premium ID, makes it easier to remember, add, and share. Additionally, running Sponsored Sticker campaigns can help rapidly grow your LINE OA followers.

This presents an opportunity for brands to establish a strong online presence, creating a path to the future alongside consumers. It's time to break free from limitations, fortify your business, and drive it towards a robust and bright future. LINE is the communication space for accumulating customers, boosting sales, and amplifying the potential of businesses in Thailand.

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