Get to know Gen Z and become Top of Mind wing brand-building strategy on LINE

LINE for Business

The modern world is changing so rapidly that we can’t keep up. In just a short time, we find ourselves growing older. Likewise, the teenagers of only a few years ago are now entering the workforce and becoming a consumer group with big spending power. Gen Z currently make up 19% of the Thai population (source: Brandinside). Growing up with the flowering of social media has given Gen Z an attachment to the digital world, always relying on diverse sources of information. They also see the value of themselves and clearly express their ideas and beliefs.

These behaviours have shaped a group of Gen Z consumers into Brand-Conscious Followers, a customer group closely following all kinds of brands, and this group makes up 32% of Gen Z in Thailand (source: Brandbuffet). Whatever goes viral on the Internet, and how whichever brand does their marketing, this group is paying close attention, even if they are not regular fans of the brand. Thus they like to try out new products for an unfamiliar experience. This is a chance for brands wanting to win over Gen Z, and they have increasingly turned to marketing to Brand Conscious Followers, eventually putting the brand at their Top of Mind.

It has already been said that the life of Gen Z is the same as the online world. Therefore, being where they are can get them interested, and LINE is the platform best suited for this challenge. It is both direct to the target group, because it is their primary everyday communication channel, while there is a range of solutions to convert data into massive sales opportunities.

Compelling content strategies on LINE Ecosystem

Gen Z in the Brand-Conscious Follower group seek information from a variety of channels, looking for what suits them. LINE OA thus has a role as an online storefront meeting this need with personally designed communications. This starts with content of interest to Gen Z. Statistics show that entertainment content gets the most interest at 66%, followed by personally beneficial content at 26% and lifestyle content at 24%. In terms of content format, Gen Z likes video clips, followed by photos and text (source: Brandbuffet). Therefore, the brand may combine this information with A/B Testing first, to find the Mood and Tone of images and language which are used to create Persona, Brand Identity or Unique Selling Point. This is in order to offer the most compelling content to followers. It might be an a topical ad video, a short product tutorial or an interesting promotion through broadcast text, to see which kind of content wins them over more, and more clearly penetrates the target group. The brand can collect additional data from surveys or registration info for subscriptions or promotions. The starting database for marketing to Gen Z will become better fleshed out for accurate re-targeting.

With a database in hand, it is time to spread brand awareness to Gen Z customers and convert them into the brand’s LINE OA followers, which may eventually lead to closing sales with Cross Targeting and LINE Ads by creating a Look-alike Audience and advertising through different channels on the LINE Ecosystem. These can include Chat List, LINE TV, LINE Timeline, LINE Today and LINE Wallet Tab. The system can adjust the placing of ads with behavior accurately matching objectives and target groups. Combined with content formats that appeal to Gen Z obtained from the database, the brand is certain to attract their attention.

Designing insightful experience with Personalized Marketing 

Once the brand has attracted attention, consistently nurturing that interest is also worthy of consideration, when wishing to access Gen Z with the behavior of the Brand-Conscious Follower groups following many brands. This means many chances to deflect interest from our brand to other brands, or even competitors. Switching to new unusual and agile strategies with insight must always be considered. MyCustomer is a solution helping the brand to design the experience and develop the customer journey to meet the needs of Gen Z at another level of depth.

The company can collect 1st Party Data directly from customers to do Customer Segmentation for Re-targeting and doing Personalized Marketing which best understands the diversity of Gen Z. My Customer also works seamlessly with LINE OA.

Having obtained data from LINE OA, the brand can apply those data to design a more impressive experience. This starts with designing a Rich Menu which displays in a format appropriate for personalized use. You might begin with a Default Rich Menu which looks the same. After usage according to preference, the brand can attach Action Tags to segment customers and track their behavior, for the display of the Segmented Rich Menu to differ according to how it is used.

The Rich Menu is not the only standout feature of MyCustomer. There is also Survey, designed to survey interest, understand users and be endlessly adjustable to provide fresh data. Every Survey can incorporate additional customer incentives and rewards with Mission Stickers. These can include exclusive discounts or storefront premiums for the brand to expand both its Offline and Online customer base. With only this, the brand can get more insight into Gen Z preferences for content, lifestyle, music genre or even individual needs. This can be applied to promotions or privileges, while CRM of collecting points or redeeming premiums can be done especially for Gen Z.

The brand can also connect the Myshop feature to LINE OA, to install a Chat & Shop system for Gen Z requiring basic information about a product and get an answer in Real-time. Chat tags are used to segment customers and make it easy to send promotions or Broadcast Messages to match their preferences. One more aspect which should not be overlooked is responding to Gen Z in a way that is both rapid and not overly complicated.

To Top Up exclusiveness for Gen Z, the brand may select Online Merge Offline (OMO) for product trials using LINE OA. Choose products which match the personality and needs of Gen Z customers to provide them with a superior experience, to close sales Offline and eventually get them back Online.

Communicate to win Gen Z’s loyalty

After attracting and nurturing a relationship with Gen Z, strategically communicate to put your brand Top of Mind. Using the LINE platform for rounded communications with Gen Z is the most important step. They give priority to their individuality, so the brand should show itself in every channel, to clearly communicate its position on every platform. This could be using language to broadcast or in chatbots on LINE OA, or using images to advertise on various spaces of LINE Ads. The brand must also closely track what is happening on social media at all times, to retain access and not miss any trends. Gen Z also gives high priority to collective social responsibility, so the brand must have the rounded communications to be included in their group. Finally, there is giving space to Gen Z to express their ideas and listening to them to make improvements. This might use the Survey on MyCustomer as a place for them to provide feedback directly to the brand, for future development.

As we move into the future, the online world has become a basic aspect of living. Marketing which understands the behaviors of each age group is a pathway to growth amidst heavy competition. LINE now connects brands with every generation of consumers, with fresh and deeply insightful data. Strategies can be transformed to be more productive and adaptable. The power of communication on LINE will enable business growth for some time to come.