LINE OA STORE, the centre of brands looking for the right developer that understands their business



Nowadays many businesses and brands turn to LINE Official Account (LINE OA) for help in management, whether in sales or services, with each business having different needs and operating details.


LINE sees this as an opportunity to make LINE OA the assistant that can instantly help businesses and brands to grow faster and stronger.


To expand on the commercial capability of LINE OA, we created LINE OA STORE - a service that offers many apps that understands and provides solutions to the unique needs of different businesses. LINE OA STORE was launched on 15th December 2020.

LINE OA STORE - The hub of ready-to-use apps


LINE OA STORE is the hub of ready-to-use apps where LINE OA users can choose apps that have been developed as off-the-shelf solutions - enabling users to instantly utilize the vast benefits of app solutions without having to develop the app themselves.


These apps were developed by Thailand’s leading developers, with many more launching next year. LINE OA STORE will act as a marketplace that supports developers, businesses, and the app economics. Simply put, LINE OA STORE is a shopping mall with something for every business and brand.

The app store that sells success


LINE OA STORE has already been launched in Thailand. At present, there are 4 app solutions available for service. This is a very special period where LINE OA users can use the apps free of charge. These are the current apps available.


Let’s start with our first partner team, BOTNOI, with their BOTNOI SME app that is used to create Chatbot exclusively for LINE Official Account. Users can design and customize answering methods to make their Chatbot smart and comprehend conversations better. The Chatbot was developed to understand the Thai language. There is also a Live Chat system that your brand can use to directly interact with customers.


Next is EMETWORK, the developer team who created the EX10 CRM app that aids you in managing reward systems and prize exchange programs through LINE OA. The app also manages prize inventory and a delivery system that delivers the prizes to their respective winners. When the app is connected to LINE OA, you can use the link created by EX10 CRM and embed it in your Rich Menu or create its QR Code, so the customer can either click on or scan to start collecting reward points and win prizes.


Another interesting app is Yellow Reward by Yellow Idea that helps you manage reward points for prize exchange. The app offers a system that creates and manages a variety of coupon formats that you can use to impress your customers within a few clicks. Managing your store has never been easier as this app makes dashboard reports in real time on your smart phones, tablets, or computers.


Last but definitely not the least is the developer AIYA and their ACRM app, ready-to-use Chatbot that allows you to service and answer questions to your customers 24 hours a day. Marketers and business owners can design the conversation and adjust parameters to create diverse customer’s experiences. For example, you can set the chatbot to answer with specific messages, pictures, or even videos, with the help of an AI in selecting the most suitable answer. The app also comes with a customer database, customer’s interest analytics, and many handy functions that will simplify and elevate your customer relationship management.


As you can see, these initial 4 apps on LINE OA STORE can immediately help you take your LINE OA to the next level, whether in interacting with your customers through chatbot, creating CRM, or increasing sales through LINE OA.


In the near future, with our robust partnership with the best developers the country has to offer, LINE OA STORE will be offering you the best designed and most beneficial apps. Stay tuned for more game-changing solutions.


Just a few steps to start

For brands or business owners who are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of LINE MARKETPLACE, here are the simple steps to get started.

1. Register for a LINE Official Account.

2. Find an App Solution in LINE Marketplace.

3. Contact the developer of the App Solution.

4. Connect the App Solution with your LINE Official Account.

Leaping to the next level with LINE OA STORE


LINE OA STORE is set to play a big role in marketing for both small businesses and big brands. With quality apps from developers who are adept with the needs of Thai businesses, we are on course to see many diverse and effective offerings in LINE Official Account.