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Every Season Brings Opportunities, and Every Festival Drives Business Forward. 

You can increase sales by creating inspirational and fresh ideas tailored to each specific holiday and special occasion, especially during the end-of-year festive season. People often look for gifts for their loved ones (and themselves!) at this time of year, and the festive atmosphere encourages celebration and spending. Whether it's Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine's Day, or even the Chinese New Year, it's a wonderful opportunity for brands to connect with consumers through special offers and exclusive products. Potential customers are undoubtedly anticipating promotions, offers, and a great shopping experience from brands as well.

Breaking Into the Gift Market During the Holiday Season

Holiday season marketing continues to be a viable strategy for businesses because no matter how much people embrace the holiday spirit, they are immersed in that atmosphere. This means that we can pique their interest in products, increase brand awareness, boost sales opportunities, and drive increased revenue. In the future, these customers may even become loyal brand advocates.


How to Make Holiday Season Marketing Engaging

  • As the holidays approach, people feel excitement as they anticipate the associated gatherings and celebrations. This festive mood makes them more inclined to spend and expect brands to offer promotions or new products.
  • When a brand presents holiday-themed content, it stands out and attracts more attention, from both existing and potential customers. Brands should create content or advertisements related to that specific holiday season, as consumers often search for holiday-specific products, which can enhance visibility.
  • Influencing purchase decisions can be done by offering special deals, especially to new customers, as 75% of shoppers are willing to try a new brand if they receive a better deal. Promoting holiday-specific products can also boost sales, as 42% of consumers try a new brand for the first time due to digital offers.
  • Consistent holiday season marketing helps build a strong brand identity and fosters long-term relationships with customers.

Don't miss out on this prime opportunity to strategize and capture the hearts of your customers.


Why Businesses Should Focus on Millennials and Gen Z

Businesses must pay special attention to Millennials and Gen Z for several reasons;

  • These two groups are projected to contribute 48% of global retail revenue by 2030.
  • They are avid holiday shoppers, with nearly 40% embracing the festive season. 
  • 60% of Gen Z and 56% of Millennials look to social media for holiday shopping inspiration.

This means they represent a significant portion of the gift market. Both generations are open-minded, love online shopping for its convenience, know how to find what they want easily, value personal experiences, and consider gift-giving to those around them, not just buying for themselves.


Utilize LINE Ads to Enhance Marketing Efficiency

During the festive holiday season, customers encounter brands competing to win their hearts by offering value. But who will emerge as the customer favorite, and how? This is where LINE's tools come into play to bolster business efficiency.

Kickstart your business campaigns with LINE Ads to increase conversions and boost sales. Brands must reach customers promptly, capturing their interest with content that stimulates their purchasing desires. For example:

  • Inspire with Gift Ideas: Offer gift inspiration that suits close ones.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Time constraints, alongside discounts, can motivate purchase decisions.
  • New Year Relevance: Present products aligned with New Year resolutions, showing how your products can make their lives easier.
  • Seasonal Collections: Launch exclusive seasonal collections to generate interest among both existing and new customers.
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping or Greeting Cards.


Once your brand knows what to offer, the next strategy is to communicate with customers using LINE Ads with the 'Website Conversions' objective. Here are some key tips:

  • Define Target Audiences Clearly: Specify your primary target audience based on age, gender, location, and interests or create a custom audience, like those following your LINE Official Account, to find new customers. Millennials and Gen Z customers prefer direct brand interactions, making it easier for brands to reach them.
  • Set Costs and Goals for Efficiency: Brands should establish clear, measurable objectives, such as registrations, adding products to the cart, or completing purchases. The cost will vary based on the desired results. Brands can choose to manually set the cost or use automatic bidding.
  • Create Diverse Ad Content: Design easy-to-understand, clear, and visually appealing ad content that suits your message. Consider using various formats, such as videos, images, or slideshows, that best convey your message.

With these steps, your brand will be one step closer to entering the hearts of customers. This includes meeting their needs in real time, generating new gift ideas, and increasing sales for your brand. Moreover, brands offering additional services that cater to holiday needs, like gift wrapping or greeting cards, will have an even stronger appeal to customers. They can simply place an online order and create a surprise for the recipient immediately.


Business Manager: A Shortcut to Reach More Customers

For businesses with multiple LINE Official Accounts (OA) and LINE Ads accounts, Business Manager is the key to supercharging your marketing strategy. It allows you to leverage data for cross-targeting and ad campaigns across different brand accounts, increasing conversions and sharing valuable insights among accounts managed by the same Business Manager.

Business Manager streamlines the exchange of target audience data between LINE OA and LINE Ads accounts efficiently. By utilizing existing data, you can create new target audiences for your holiday season LINE Ads campaigns, ensuring your ads are highly effective and reaching the most relevant customers.

Using data-driven strategies not only improves results but also empowers brands to manage campaigns flexibly with reduced budgets, opening up growth opportunities. This approach helps boost sales and ensures a successful holiday season for your business.

Some examples of advertising using Cross Targeting strategies:

  • Sharing LINE OA Follower Groups from Brand A to Brand B on LINE Ads:

Brand B is a skincare brand launching a zodiac-themed cosmetic collection. They share the LINE OA follower groups from Brand A, which is a makeup brand, with a mutual interest in cosmetics. This way, Brand B can target a relevant audience on LINE Ads.

  • Sharing Click-through Groups from Brand A's LINE OA Broadcast on LINE Ads for Brand B:

Brand B wants to promote their new fragrance line to customers who have previously clicked through messages from Brand A, which primarily sells home decor products. By sharing these target groups, Brand B can reach potential customers who have already shown interest in related products.

  • Sharing Blocked LINE OA Users from Brand A to Brand B on LINE Ads:

Brand B, a perfume brand, aims to advertise its new fragrances. They share a group of LINE OA users who have blocked Brand A, a cosmetics brand. Since there might be a shared interest in beauty products, Brand B targets these users with their perfume ads.

These strategies leverage the power of shared audience data to reach potential customers more effectively.

Don't forget to appeal to feelings! 

When in a joyful atmosphere, brands must not forget to communicate with those emotions. After all, 95% of purchase decisions are influenced by emotions. Emphasize the brand and product's value by evoking those emotions, and the brand will seize every moment of customer happiness by delivering the best gifts at the right time.

Make LINE a part of your efforts to deliver these wonderful things to your customers. No matter what kind of support your business is seeking, LINE can truly make it all happen. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!