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What is Business Manager?

Business Manager is a data utilization platform that collects and integrates data from LINE Ecosystem to manage, and analyze data, and create and share target groups, promotions, and advertising campaigns

across serviced platforms to create efficient communication system.

Data must be within the scope of user consent. Furthermore, in actual use, it must be complied with LINE Business Manager terms of use.

All usable data in Business Manager must be authenticated by the users.

As it is still in the development stage, the status and period of use are subject to change without prior notice.

Example of data utilization

Optimize the average cost per customer using a co-branding strategy.

Cross-selling can optimize the average cost per customer by

creating a cooperative campaign with several brands for sending messages of advertising.

Find friends effectively

Add friends by accessing users who could become your future users and sending them the "add friend"

advertisement, and to similar users who are reqularly active

Optimize the repurchasing rate by attracting users who are first-time buyers.

Generate purchases by sending promotions, such as messages or coupons, only to those who are purchasing for the first time

What is Cross Targeting?

Cross Targeting is a function that can send data or an audience group across products. The information and

the audiences are obtained from messages, delivering advertisements, and advertising campaigns in

LINE Official Account and LINE Ads This can create more appropriate and efficient communication

by creating cross-product promotions and advertising campaigns,

What can Cross Targeting do?

It can share the data received from LINE Official Account and LINE Ads to determine a common target group and deliver the advertisement.


Example of how to utilize the benefit of data sending an advertising.

It can send the data received from LINE Official Account and Smart Channel to LINE Ads

Example of data utilization

Available Audience Types / Delivery Methods

Sharing source


Smart Channel

※ For Cross Targeting, the audience group cannot be shared if it is tied to different LINE Official Accounts, even when using the same account to advertise.

LINE Official Account

Expample of how to utilize the benefit of data sending and advertising

Can utilize the data received by LINE Ads or Smart Channel to deliver the message from LINE Official Account

Available Audience Type / Delivery Methods Sharing source


※ For Cross Targeting, the audience group cannot be shared if it is tied to different LINE Official Accounts, even when using the same account to advertise.

What is LINE Tag?

LINE Tag is a function that measures results by collecting the user actions on a website.

Installing this function on a web page that needs to be measured can assist advertisers in efficiently planning and optimizing promotions by measuring the message delivery via LINE Ads or LINE Official Account.

Measure the promotion results

It can measure various results, i.e., deliver messages or advertisements, website traffic, and what leads to product or service purchases.

Utilize a target group 

It can flexibly send messages based on user behavior by understanding their behavior when on a website.

What is Audience Segmentation?

The user of a wide range of high-accuracy segmentations* for efficeintly reaching out to target users. It not only takes advantage of Targeting On LINE Ads, but also reflects it in analytics reports and delivery data.

*It is an analysis of "LINE"-user behavior (excluding personal and sensitive infomation such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses and chat contents). However, property data assessments will be saved as statistical data, but will not identify the individual, Moreover, it will not disclose the data that can lead to an individual to third parties (advertisers, etc.).


Available Segmentation

It can identify a target audience by age, sex, region, interest, and categorize them into the groups that you want to deliver advertisements to. Because an advertisement will be displayed to users who can easily take an action via Targeting, by speculating on the property and interests of the interests of the users that you want to deliver the advertisement to. This means you can expect a cost-effective return on your advertisement.

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