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Boost your business growth by finding the “right” customers on LINE. Reach more audience and achieve better results by managing campaign objectives, targeting, budget, and measurement anytime through LINE Ads

4 Reasons to grow your business with LINE Ads

Impactful Opportunity To Meet LINE Users

Close the distance between you and your potential customers by advertising your brand on LINE services. Through auction-based and machine learning, automatic placements effectively connect the right users and reaches.

Serve All Business Objectives

Choose your advertisement objectives and reach your marketing goals: Brand Awareness, Increase Customer Base, Increase Sales, and Customer Retention.

Create Brand Awareness

• Website Visits

To drive traffic to your website for audience to learn more about your brands, products, and services.

• Video Views

Maximize video views counted when a viewer watches at least 3 seconds or complete 100% length of your video ad.

• Reach

You can set number of reach allowed for your campaign to reach the certain number of people.

• Smart Channel Custom

Reach your audience on LINE Premium Placement, Chat List, with Image or Video Expandable.

Increase Customer Base

Gain Friends 

You can encourage interested users to follow your brand’s LINE Official Account to receive future news and promotions.

App Installs

You can encourage interested users to download and install your application.

Increase Sales and Engagement

Website Conversions

Drive interested users to take action on your website (i.e. place order online). Moreover, you can collect the data of the users who click on or purchase your products in order to retarget your customers in the future.

App Engagement

You can build the engagement of the users who already downloaded and installed your application. For instance, you can encourage them to create an account, play a game, buy a product, etc. 

Support Customer Retention

Dynamic Product Sales

This can increase sales from existing customers by offering personalized products based on the data of each customer.

You can select the advertising model that best suits your campaign objectives from the following options.

Add Call-to-Action to any links, web or LINE Official Account to increase more followers

Serve All Target Audience

Advertise your brand to appropriate customers by targeting Core Audience. This includes gender, age, location (by province, region, and district), operating system, and interest.

Create your Custom Audience from data of the existing customer base from your LINE Official Account, Website, Application, etc. to retarget or further determine a lookalike audience. 

Website / App

The customer data can be gathered through LINE Tags on the website or SDK on the application to specify the customers who are interested in, or purchased your products

Device ID / Phone / Email

The customer data of Device ID (ADID/ IDFA), Phone number, and Email Address can be uploaded to target specific audience

LINE Official Account

This helps connect the target customers related to your brand’s LINE Official Account. For example, your advertisement will appear to users who have followed but blocked your brand, users who have seen broadcast messages on LINE Official Account, etc.

Image Click / VDO View

Create an audience of people who have clicked your image ads or viewed your VDO ads from LINE Ads campaign. 

Smart Channel

Create audience of people who have clicked or viewed your VDO Expandable ad on Smart Channel.

Lookalike Audience

This helps you acquire new customers similar to your existing ones to expand the customer base and increase sales

LINE Ads Buying Channels

LINE Official Account user can buy LINE advertisement on your own or with LINE Agency Partner.

If you would like to create your own advertisement, check Steps to Start Advertisement on LINE Ads Self-Serve

*Please check LINE Ads policy Here

LINE Ads Learning Hub 

Check out useful advertising resources here. 

Get started with fundamentals

Watch training and guidance sessions

Certify your skills with LINE badges

Keep up with trend and insights

If you have any questions on LINE Ads , discover your answer here

LINE Ads Self-Serve 

Create LINE Business ID 

Get started with LINE Ads  through 3 easy steps 

Create LINE Business ID and log in to 

Create Ad Account, fill in detail, and submit supporting documents.

Add payment method

*LINE Official Account is required. If you don’t have one, register here

You can also start using LINE services with LINE Agency Partner 

Set Up Campaigns 

Once ad account is ready, create your LINE Ads advertising campaign 

Select Targeting 

Maximize campaign effectiveness by utilizing appropriate audience towards your goal 

There are 2 types of LINE Ads audience  

1) Core Audience: Gender, Age, Location, Operating system, and Interest  

2) Custom Audience: Use your customers database to retarget or further determine a lookalike audience

Create your own ad image with  

LINE Creative Lab 

Need help with designing your ads? Start LINE Creative Lab, the simple solution for making your own creatives 

If you have any questions on LINE Ads , discover your answer here

LINE Shopping Ads is an advertisement through LINE Ads system to increase the visibility of your MyShop, leading to more traffic and increase sales for your store effectively.

What can LINE Shopping Ads do to help you?

Track Customer Journey

and Create audiences for retargeting

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