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LINE Official Notification

Solution for Messaging Notifications via Phone Number


Messaging via customers' phone numbers in the Company's database

: Display the results through an existing or newly opened LINE Official Account,

specifically for messaging notifications.

A 'Unique Messaging Template' designed to enhance communication efficiency with your customers through your LINE Official Account alongside broadcasting and target specific groups using their UID.

Main Features of LINE Official Notification

Message your customers

 even if they're not friends of your LINE OA.

Message only


Service available for

Verified or Premium


Message templates exclusively designed for messaging via LINE Official Notifications


✔️ Highly secure, difficult to counterfeit messages.

✔️ Ready-made templates with real-time responsiveness for all applications.

✔️Addresses more than 20 objectives according to user needs.


How is LINE Official Notification different from other messaging types

LINE Official Notification Broadcast Messages Targeted Messages Using LINE UID (Unique Identifier)
✔️ Notifications must be directly relevant to the user.
✔️ Clear and distinct message format.
✔️ Message using customers' phone numbers in the Company's database.
✔️ Recipients can be either friends or non-friends with your LINE OA.
✔️ No limitations on the purposes of messaging.
✔️ Diverse message formats.
✔️ Recipients must be friends with your LINE OA. You can choose to message all friends or select recipients based on specific criteria.
✔️ No limitations on the
✔️ Diverse message formats.
✔️ Recipients must be friends with your LINE OA. Specify recipients with LINE UID.

How user can receive LINE Official Notification

In addition to requirements and , the phone number you specify must match the same user’s phone number in LINE’s database for Notification messages to be sent.

You can send messages to users based on their registered phone number, even if they have not added your Official Account as their friend.

User Settings

Interested in using LINE Official Notification

Apply a Verified Account to access LINE Official Notification.

Corporate Businesses interested in more usage details can contact our brand agency representative, or via

Use of LINE Official Notification is limited to the templates defined by LINE. As of January 2023, only the use cases below are currently accepted, with 22 types of notifications that will be briefly introduced below

Message Template Types

1 Delivery Keep your customers updated about delivery schedule or update of products purchased.
  • Order delivered
  • Delivery schedule changed
2 Shipping complete Notify your customers of complete shipment statuses for their documents or goods.
  • Order shipped
  • Document sent
3 Reservation Notify your customers about completion or cancellation of reservations having been made.
  • Hotel booking cancelled.
  • Dental appointment confirmed.
4 Reservation reminder Remind your customers about their existing reservations.
  • Medical checkup reminder
  • Seat reservation reminder
5 Transport reservation Notify your customers of completion or cancellation of transport reservations having been made.
  • Taxi booked
  • Flight cancelled
6 Transport reminder Remind your customers about their existing transport reservations.
  • Train schedule reminder
  • Flight check-in reminder
7 Transport update Notify your customers of changes to their existing transport reservations.
  • Taxi appointment changed
  • Flight schedule changed
8 Departure notice Remind the message recipient before departure for domestic or international travel.
  • Departure gate notice
  • Flight delay
9 Payment reminder Remind your customers about payment deadline for existing contracts or subscriptions.
  • Insurance payment approaching.
  • Next installment approaching.
10 Payment complete Notify your customers of complete statuses of payments they have made.
  • Credit card transaction
  • QR code transaction/li>
11 Payment failure Notify your customers of payment failure.
  • Credit card not accepted.
  • nsufficient account balance.
12 Reimbursement Notify your customers of completion of payment they have requested.
  • Insurance claim paid.
  • Tax refund paid.
13 Product complete Notify your customers that products they ordered have been completed.
  • Suit tailored.
  • Diamond ring crafted.
14 Quotation complete Notify your customer about complete statuses for a quotation they have requested.
  • Quotation completed
15 Order confirmation Notify your customer of confirmation of an order that have been purchased.
  • Order confirmed.
16 Subscription fee Notify your customer about fixed charge for services that have been subscribed.
  • OTT monthly fee.
17 Application status Application status Keep your customers updated about their application statuses.
  • Documents received.
  • Application approved.
18 Registration complete Notify your customers of a completion of their registrations.
  • Membership registered.
19 Expiration notice Remind your customers about expiration dates or deadlines of their contracts or applications.
  • Insurance policy expiring.
  • Application deadline approaching.
20 Contact center Send notification messages to your customers who contact you for enquiries.
  • Inquiry is received.
  • Request is resolved.
21 Issue resolution Notify your customers of failure, maintenance, resolution updates of services.
  • Internet issue resolved.
  • Water supply maintenance schedule.
22 Repair complete Notify your customers of a completion of repair.
  • Car repaired.
  • Shoes fixed.

For using notifications in other cases or modifying the existing format, users are required to submit a request for approval from LINE.

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