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The Mother and Child segment is a currently trending Mega Trend with rapid growth. It is also a market with purchasing power, and covers many product categories. Mothers buy products for themselves like skincare and fashion, while there are childcare essentials such as diapers and bottles. In any case, however much a mother would like to shop, they cannot abandon the care of their children, or a multitude of other details concerned with childcare, which makes them want to get away and shop more than anything. The internet is the only way out, enabling mothers to soar freely in the world of shopping (in the online world).

A report on the website theasianparent.com found that in the last 2 years, most mothers used the internet 46.69% more after becoming pregnant, or over 4 extra hours per day, generally through their mobile phones. Shopping online was the third most popular activity after social media and researching information about their children. This underlines how mothers and children are a key market which will repay the efforts of accessing and winning as our customers.

Buying time for shopping mothers, with MyShop

Whether a new mother, or a mother of unruly toddlers or growing children, a mother's private time is mostly given to her children, and her shopping time is curtailed. Brands seeking to address this aspect of motherhood must design a shopping experience that covers every aspect, to meet the mother’s needs and overcome these limitations. MyShop is a key helper to realize a mother's ideal shopping experience with a user interface design that is simple and convenient, enabling the purchases of desired products by just choosing the product and adding the product to the cart. After this, they select the delivery location and method, and make payment. Besides cash transfers or credit cards, there is the Rabbit LINE Pay channel, which both increases convenience while also giving extra privileges. Shopping mothers can also save their preferred outlets in My Favorite Shops, or save their desired products in My Wishlist. On top of this, MyShop uploads the details of over 5,000 product lines to choose from, so product range is a key strength attracting mothers to use the services of MyShop.

There are also promotional discounts to stimulate spending, by giving mothers extra value for their money. Special shopping occasions are another tactic popular with many other brands, and which likewise boost sales, such as official holidays and festivals, or even monthly events such as 11.11 and 12.12.

All of these processes can close sales with mothers in a short period of time. Just design a shopping experience which matches a mother's expectations, while giving mothers the information that they need. Accomplish this, and checking out products from the cart is no longer difficult.

Get to know mothers with deep data on LINE OA

A compelling experience to rapidly close a sale with a mother includes items which the mother is already seeking, a well-designed user interface and tempting promotions, as well as care provided by chatting with the customer. Certainly, these experiences are set up with the mother's own data. However, everyone is concerned about their data privacy, and it is not straightforward to learn all of this information from just chatting.

LINE OA is equipped with features to support the collection of deep data from the user, such as Mission Stickers. These encapsulate the sense of a brand in a charming cartoon sticker which is a promotional download. But before the stickers can be downloaded for use, we can set a mission for the mother before she is given permission to download. For instance, she could be filling in a form with her personal information, shopping behaviors, or even information about her children. This information enables a brand to have broader insight about the customer, on top of information derived from chats which are enquiries about product information.

Combine this with a feature to Tag a customer in the brand's back office, and it is possible to distinguish customer segments according to designated attributes. As a result, the brand can know instantly what tactic should be used in designing the mother's shopping experience, to close sales and encourage long-term loyalty.

Sales from queries with Chat&Shop, just right for the picky mother

To address the key Pain Points of mothers who want information or who have queries about products, and particularly products concerned with children which require care to make the best choice, the safest place is MyShop.

There is a feature to chat directly with the shop to make detailed inquiries about the product. The chat is linked to the shop's LINE OA enabling the Line Auto-Reply feature, which gives pre-prepared answers to frequently asked questions. This enables customers to address their concerns in real time. Meanwhile, direct and specific questions can be dealt with in detail, because the chat admin can also reply directly to the mother through LINE OA.

The Enfa brand is an interesting example of seamless shopping system design. This starts from selecting products from an auto-catalog and instantly adding items to the shopping cart with LINE OA. If there is any inquiry about any product, the customer can type-chat with the shop, while consulting about child care with Enfa products from the brand's experts. When customers have cleared up their doubts and are ready to check out, they are linked seamlessly to the Enfa website, and make payment through the installed system. Enfa products are delivered to the mother in a flash.

Shopping while needing value: collecting points and privileges with CRM System

It is a fact that mothers have many different criteria in choosing products which include quality, child safety, compelling promotions and collecting points from purchases. All of these inform purchase decisions. In LINE OA, it is possible to design a system for mothers to collect points by purchasing products.

This can also include prizes or exclusive privileges for making point-collecting targets with the LINE Rewards Cards system. This is easily constructed, and it also informs customers when their card is close to expiring, so they do not forget to redeem their existing points. This makes their purses stretch further, while a closer relationship is maintained with the customer.

If the brand can design an experience to support the mother's needs, besides closing sales more easily from just a click, mothers see our brand as a business which cares about them and understands them, so they will stick loyally to our brand for a long time to come.