The more you know one another, the more opportunity for fashion business through Data Personalization

LINE Business Solution

Have you ever noticed that when buying clothes, we are no longer waiting to buy seasonal outfits or new collections?

Shopping for clothes has changed towards a more ‘See Now-Buy Now’ format. This is the result of more options being available on the market. Clothing brands are competing for customer’s money with eye-catching designs, and huge promotions that are very difficult to resist. ‘Fast Fashion’ is the term for this phenomena, fashion that comes in with a bang and gone in a flash. This does not even include style which can change at any time. Being number one in the minds of customers is not an easy achievement! So, what can you do to help your brand stand out?

Data Personalization – a secret weapon to win over customers

In this battle to dictate the do’s and the don’ts in what people wear, those who can read the minds of their customers and fully understand their needs are the ones who will be able to provide the best service and ultimately come out victorious.

In marketing, there is a term called ‘Data-Personalization’. It is used to win over customers and increase sales. This starts with understanding the individual clientele - knowing what gender they are, their preferences, and their tastes. This leads to the Customer Journey, a collection of information that can be analyzed to offer predictions on current demand and a personalized approach. Following the research, brands may offer coupons for products individual clients might be interested in including secret promotions available just for them. This makes customers feel special. 

Sales opportunities with LINE OA

For fashion businesses, LINE OA’s features allow them to promote new products, as well as deliver interesting promotions. But, did you know that we can also develop a normal business-customer relationship into a Luxury Relationship through Data Personalization? LINE OA can collect customer information based on their interests, their reactions to content based around a brand, and their purchasing behavior. Brands can sift through this information to tag customers who are suitable for further interaction and personalized offers.

Another interesting behavior that is worth noting is that customers will often choose clothes based on pattern, color, cloth and stitching. Offering them clothes that meet these factors through LINE OA may make a purchase more likely. LINE OA has many features to help closing a sale such as In-LINE Live Viewer which provides opportunities for brands to feature their products live through LINE OA. This lets customers make a decision more easily as they can see the texture and details in real time in addition to being pitched the product by the brand itself. This builds interest and adds value to the clothes. Therefore, it no longer becomes difficult to close a deal with the customers who are watching the live broadcast.

Being on standby to answer customer questions is also an important step because the faster you can engage directly with a customer, the more trust you can build. Brands can make use of the Auto-Reply feature to answer all customers in real-time to make sure everyone who has messaged feels like they are being catered to and makes a sale even more likely.

Luxury industry and LINE OA

With the features and techniques previously mentioned, it might seem like only SMEs in the fashion industry will be able to benefit. However, LINE OA offers solutions for Hi-End Luxury brands as well. As many of us know, the real highlight of a luxury brand is the creation of an experience that can impress. This is what builds loyal followers who are interested in what products and services the brand has to offer. Well, what if this experience could be improved?

With LINE OA, brands are able to integrate a vast database of existing customers collected from their stores.

This database can be merged with the one from LINE which enables them to enjoy a 360-degree view of their customers and their personalities. The real world and the online world may have their differences, but taking data from both and mapping them together can offer a detailed analysis of customers. This allows brands to create and design new experiences through LINE OA that specifically cater to their customers in the form of exclusivity. Customers will be able to enjoy custom offers based on their personal tastes. Additional personalized service will give the same feeling shopping online as shopping in person. Exclusive after sales services may include offering advice and solutions to customers throughout the service life of the product.

The sum of these parts make for a great impression and may even result in a new brand-loyal customer. 

Say Hi anywhere with LINE Ads

While it is true that brands can talk to customers one on one after adding them as a friend on LINE OA, they are also able to communicate with people who are potential customers as well. This is accomplished through buying ads through the LINE Ads. These ads will appear across different areas of LINE including LINE Chat, Timeline, and LINE TODAY. This is an effective strategy to get important messages across.

For customers already acquainted with a brand who have already shown engagement like placing an item in their basket without yet checking out or viewing a certain item multiple times without buying it, a brand can re-target them with a bespoke promotion. This can encourage a customer who is still undecided to take that last step.

As for new customers who have never had any engagement with your brand, buying ads through LINE Ads will increase your chances of reaching them. Displaying ads in areas they regularly use on LINE such as their Timeline or even on LINE TODAY, will ensure that your brand is always at the edge of their attention. Eventually, this can develop toward becoming friends on LINE OA and having the customers start choosing from your products.

Set up an official panel to better understand your customers with MyShop

The last feature that can help brands better understand their customers is choosing to open an official online store with the help of MyShop. In addition to serving as a direct channel to increase the sales of products for your brand, it also collects behavioral information from your customers to inform you on who chose to view your brand, who viewed what products, who buys what, and even drop-off opportunities while customers are choosing items.

This is just a sample of what kinds of information will be available to you with MyShop. Brands can use that information to communicate with their customers more effectively. OneSiam’s MyShop is an interesting case study.

OneSaim opened their online store during the COVID-19 crisis in order to create a new channel for selling products. This was necessary because shopping malls had been closed for public safety. The online store was well received and generated a great number of sales. OneSiam was even able to expand their inventory to offer a wider choice of both low-priced products as well as certain luxury items. Currently, they have incorporated Chat & Shop on LINE OA.

This was an example of how data was analyzed and customer needs were identified. It resulted in an experience that resonated with customers. This could not have happened had the brand did not have access to this important LINE data as it gives them invaluable business insight. Undoubtedly, this strategy will lead you towards success far faster than casting out a communication net and hoping to catch something.