Moving forward in the logistics business. Reinforcing the best service in the E-commerce era

LINE for Business


  • Online shopping behavior in Thailand has been on the rise during this past year. As a result, the domestic logistics business market has grown substantially. Currently, there are more than 10 such businesses with new players constantly jumping into the market.
  • LINE is an effective solution for every step of the logistic business with a wide range of features that meet all variety of needs.
  • Mission Stickers are one way to execute Personalized Marketing while collecting user information through sticker downloads by having users answer specific questions or surveys.
  • LINE OA is like the storefront of communication. Collecting user information makes for a better design whether that’s through the Rich Menu, Broadcast, Rich Message or through a membership system.
  • In addition, LINE has other features that will strengthen the logistics business such as: LINE BCRM for managing insights of LINE Ads users that can send personalized advertisements to users in response to their specific needs, and LINE Beacon which can send a greeting message and offer various information or questionnaires while providing service.


In 2020, we saw the E-Commerce market in Thailand grow significantly. This was the result of a change in consumer behavior in particular brought about by the New Normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have now turned to online shopping more than ever before with statistics from the E-Commerce market indicating an increase in online shoppers from 2019 of 35%. We also saw E-Commerce applications rise to the top 10 in most used applications in Thailand.


While the E-Commerce market in Thailand has experienced a boom in popularity, another business that has grown concurrently is the domestic logistics business. Thai Post reported an increase in parcels of 60% with a combined market value forecast to reach 66 billion baht this year. These are very interesting figures. In Thailand alone, there are over 10 major players in the logistics business with new players jumping into the market all the time. This is a clear indication of business feasibility.

So, What Method Will You Use to Fascinate Them?

If you look closely at the details of each purchase, buyers do not simply look at their desired products alone. Often, people will examine various delivery services to determine which offers the best price, and the fastest delivery time. These days, time is money. The fastest delivery time with the most reasonable price will typically be the top choice. In addition, from the perspective of the shops themselves, a logistics business that offers good service between the shop and their customer is a valuable partner. This is one way to achieve success.

LINE, The Logistics Assistant at Every Step of The Way

In order to make an impression at all times, LINE has a solution for logistics businesses to unlock their potential and take them to the next level. This is by being there at every step of the buying process to offer Personalized Marketing. You could say that in some ways we know our customers better than they know themselves. Reaching these customers is made easy through the LINE application as it boasts 46 million users in Thailand alone. It also offers a number of features that are designed to help businesses get closer to their customers. How do we do this? Let us take a closer look!

Mission Sticker Cute Data Collecting Devices

LINE Stickers are one of the must-have items these days. Would you believe that on average, one LINE user in Thailand will have about 65 sets of stickers? This makes stickers a perfect tool for collecting data for Personalized Marketing without fear of violating anyone’s privacy.


How we do it is we can offer Mission Stickers. These are stickers that users can download only after becoming friends with a certain brand on LINE OA and answer a few questions. These Mission Stickers can be designed however you like. You can ask simple questions like what gender they are, their age, address, interests, phone number, or level of satisfaction. You can also ask them for suggestions for ways to improve service. This information can be used in many different ways including Segmenting users to better design Broadcast Messages, Rich Messages, or Rich Menus to best match their likes and needs. You could even instantly update them with business news that you think is relevant to them.

Line OA a Useful Tool for Logistics

On a basic level, LINE OA is no different from a storefront that communicates with user directly. Therefore, the design of your storefront is very important in drawing people’s attention. After you’ve collected user data through Mission Stickers, you’ll have the information you need to customize your LINE OA to better meet your expectations.

  • A Rich Menu that is easy to use.

People who need a delivery service will come directly to your LINE OA page. This means that it should be as clear and convenient as possible. A Rich Menu should have a number of functions including: a search option for the nearest service point, a package status check, a delivery car order method, and a way to contact staff. In terms of user experience, information gathered from user data will be very practical in designing a Rich Menu that addresses their wants the most. For example, by analyzing the age of your customers, you might find that they are predominantly in the elderly category. From that you can infer that you should make your text size larger and easier to read. On the other hand, if your customer base is mostly millennials, maybe you would want to make the menu more colorful and brighter.

  • Broadcast and Rich Message are there to meet the needs of the customers.

In addition to customizing the Rich Menu, Broadcast and Rich Message (which are both used for communication) are like forms of hospitality that give customers peace of mind and builds confidence in the service they are being provided. Collecting data allows us to create our own Broadcast and Rich Message that will be the most suitable for our users. They might present procedures for using the service, provide updates, or show content that’s useful to the users. These tools offer many customizable features that can make them personalized to each user. For example, if a specific user often engages with video content, you might present them with a tutorial video about packaging products or one about precautions in filling in delivery information. In addition, you can easily change the language to one the user is most comfortable with.

  • Enhance your relationship through a membership system

Another effective way to attract customers is through a membership system which allows customers to redeem points for rewards or discounts when using your service. If you provide this through the Rich Menu on LINE OA, a membership system is very easy to set up. Users won’t need to open up multiple tabs or different apps. They can simply do everything through LINE. Memberships are particularly useful for shops who tend to order often and in bulk. If you could offer them a reward or discount that specifically addresses their needs, they’ll be more inclined to use your service. More than that, personalized content through the Chat Tag feature on LINE OA is another option that can entice customers. For example, when gold members use your service frequently, you can send them a special promotion just for them to make sure they’re happy.

Manage Your Subscriber Database with MyCustomer

When your LINE OA homepage is able to please your users, having a system in place to support that front of house allows for more comfortable management. This is where MyCustomer comes in. It is there to collect insights of LINE OA users through a variety of methods. It then takes that data and analyzes it for better solutions for your logistics business. MyCustomer can improve the efficiency of LINE OA by doing the following:

  • Collecting User Data to Improve Service

It gathers insights from users through LINE OA, either as a follower or through Gain Friends Ad and Custom Surveys to understand the needs of the users. Also, information is also gathered through cute Mission Stickers which in addition to giving your brand a more friendly face, collects data from those who have downloaded them to build Personal & Demo Profiles as well as behavioral data logs to design better advertisements or improve delivery service. 

  • Analyzing User Data to Communicate Directly

 MyCustomer can take the user insights it has collected and display the data intuitively through the Dashboard. In addition, it lets you filter users into various groups making it much easier to communicate with them. This is because there are many groups of users from online vendors to ordinary people. Real Time Feedback allows you to see who has clicked on what link and where. This can lead to improvement and development of LINE OA to better meet the needs of the different types of users.

  • Providing the best design personalized to each customer.

After collecting and analyzing user insights, MyCustomer also plays a key role in the design of the service itself. It accomplishes this by building Rich Menus in accordance with the Audience Segment you filtered earlier. This may include larger text sizes, ease of access, or menu options that specially cater to a certain group whether they happen to be vendors, a large company, or just an average user. MyCustomer can also broadcast personalized messages to each group and design tailored Promotion Codes for them as well.

LINE Ads Delivers Personal Advertisements to Your Customers

 After making your front and back of house more efficient for welcoming and managing users, the next step is to reach out to new users. This is the job of the LINE Ads or which can send ads to target groups to encourage them to use your service. An interesting way to do this is to send ads to certain locations. For example, if you should open a new branch, you can send ads to people in that area to let them know you’ve expanded your area of service. Let them know that if they have a parcel or product that needs to be sent, they can come use your service.

Welcome to the Branch with LINE BEACON

 Now that your house is strong and ready to welcome users, the final step is to use the LINE Beacon. It uses a Bluetooth signal directly from the branch closest to each user group and greets them in a friendly manner. It is able to send them information on how to fill out necessary forms, available promotions, and satisfaction questionnaires to those who have just used the service. All the information is sent back to LINE OA.


Amid a continuously growing logistics market, having an effective assistant will help your business develop and leap forward. In particular, providing a good user experience across every step of your service right from the moment someone opens their LINE app is like having an extra helper who strengthens your business and your home. They are always ready to cope with any situation, and are there to build lasting relationships by approaching each customer group the way they want. Rest assured that your logistics business is going to go far for the long haul.


LINE for Business meets all the needs of doing business through its complete range of tools designed for your logistics service to integrate with the E-commerce market with maximum efficiency. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, get in touch with us!