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LINE Business Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses all over the world. Based on the final quarter of 2020, new outbreaks caused many businesses that had been regaining ground to lose it yet again. Of course, all business groups have had to make adjustments and as a result have found it easier to cope and create new channels to further their business operations. This is true for the government as well who continued in their development of digital platforms to offer the Thai people easier access to a variety of services. One of the most popular channels is LINE, as it is a basic application installed on nearly every smartphone in the country. Today, LINE boasts more than 47 million users with 91% of those using the app daily for 3.3 hours on average (based on data from LINE Brand & Behavior Study 2020). Therefore, you can be confident that the LINE Official Account (LINE OA) will definitely meet the needs of the modern consumer.

An ever warm and welcoming new house for new residents

The use of LINE OA by the Thai government is a business practice that lines up very nicely with current consumer behavior. In addition to worrying about health and safety in their everyday lives, users also require convenience of access when it comes to their services. LINE OA is like leaving your front door open for people to contact or use your services at any time. Moreover, when the government incorporates their database, there will be updates to information, and promotions as well as relevant news stories on organizations of interest which will improve efficiency even more.

Chat more, shop more. a new normal behavior that affects the thai post.

Consumers continue to shop online making E-commerce a hot business commodity with exponential growth. As it grows, another type of business that strengthens alongside it is logistics. In 2020, the market value of logistics companies soared to 6.6 billion baht from just 4.9 billion in 2019. The Thai Post is responsible for 55% of the deliveries (based on data from MGR Online). Currently, the LINE OA: Thailand Post account has 2.4 million followers and is able to provide a list of comprehensive services through a Rich Menu that is designed with consumer needs in mind.


  • Parcel Tracking. The system will regularly alert you to your parcel status so you do not have to keep on checking.
  • Service Fee Check. You can calculate the price of a parcel you want to deliver.
  • Find an Office. You can locate the nearest postal branch to you according to opening hours.
  • Services. Information on various services including international mail and community goods centers.
  • Off-Site Pick-Up. Make an appointment for pick-up of letters/items.
  • Label Maker. Create labels without wasting time writing things down.

Whether you are the sender or the receiver you can easily add Thailand Post as a friend without needing to download any additional apps. If Thailand Post wanted local people in a certain area to have access to special promotions, they could simply create targeted advertisements. For example, say they wanted to support farmers during the durian season, they could offer a promotion whereby farmers could enjoy free direct delivery. Thailand Post would want to choose to display this offer through the LINE Ads to any province they might want, say, Chanthaburi Province where a lot of durian is grown. There would not be as much need to advertise in Nakhon Nayok or Chiang Mai as durian is not grown as much in those provinces. With that, Thai Post could indicate a desired budget for their advertisement through LINE Ads.

The power of happiness sent directly from the metropolitan electricity authority

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) is a provider of electricity distribution across 3 provinces, namely, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan. There are 18 offices. To meet the needs of the people, the MEA has elevated their service to the next level with LINE OA: MEA Connect. From there, the MEA offers a comprehensive service center for its 1.6 million followers. The MEA does not just use LINE OA. It also makes effective use of other tools as well such as Sponsored Stickers to add more friends and build brand recognition. In fact, the MEA designed 2 sets of popular stickers including ‘MEA Jerd Ja Say Hi!’, which is available for free to anyone who friends their page, and ‘Jerd Ja’, a collection of 40 stickers available for 30 baht where all proceeds are donated to the Foundation for Disabled People. However, the most important thing is that users can enjoy instant service at the tap of a button.


  • Check Electricity Bill. Fill out basic information to check your electricity bill. You can also pay online via Rabbit LINE Pay.
  • Notifications of Power Failure. Specify the nature of your problem and confirm notifications.
  • Request for Electricity. Request electricity as a regular person, a juristic person, or a housing entrepreneur.
  • Apply for e-Bill. Ask for an online bill instead of a paper one and stop worrying about losing or missing documents.
  • Call Center. Contact a call center to leave complaints, inquiries, or recommendations.
  • Edit Information. Change your personal information or home information.

Now, no matter which service consumers use, they won’t have long to wait. Also, when the MEA has any important updates, consumers will be sure to catch them. Or, if there is an emergency in any area like a necessary electrical repair in Klong Toey district for 24 hours, the MEA can send notifications to every user in the area. In terms of advertising, if the MEA wants to boost their number of followers on LINE OA, they can use marketing solutions like LINE Ads where they can select the Gain Friend option and then only target the 3 provinces the MEA serves. All this is an example of service adaptation from the MEA for the new urban lifestyle. 

Information – water bill. Notifications on everything you need to know from the provincial waterworks authority

You’ve got your delivery service set up, as well as your electricity, but what about your water? Another public service available through LINE OA as of 2019 is the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA). Currently, the PWA has over 700,000 followers. The PWA chose LINE as their main platform because they realized it was the channel that was closest to their consumers. They also wanted to offer the most convenient service possible to their users with the ability to make online transactions at the palm of their hands. Indeed, this can be said to be a complete on-LINE service.

PWA LINE Official Account @pwathailand members have access to the following features:

  • Registration using a water ID number. Users can check their water usage and pay their bill as well as choose to get notifications on when their payments are due. This way they’ll never accidentally get their water turned off.
  • Check areas with water stoppage and get notified through LINE if an affected area falls into their location.
  • A channel to report problems, leave complaints, ask questions, and give opinions on PWA service.
  • Various PWA services including requesting installation of water supply, notification of payment for meter inspection, and access to various announcements and e-news from

Due to the COVID-19 situation last year, the PWA has introduced measures to help people by reducing their cost burden. The PWA has been lowering water bills, extending payment periods, and provided water usage insurance refunds through LINE all in order to facilitate their customers. While the pandemic has forced people to limit their travel, the PWA is confident that their users may at least benefit from the convenience of making transactions with the PWA through the PWA LINE Official account.

This complete service actually resulted in the PWA receiving the State Excellence Award in the Public Service Branch innovation category from the Office of the Public Development Sector Development Commission in 2019. In 2020, the PWA was given the LINE Thailand Award for the Best Official Account in Public Sector from LINE Thailand. This award is presented to organizations that do outstanding marketing and business on the LINE platform. This truly reflects the full digital transformation of the PWA.

LINE is a powerful tool that can be used in both the public, private, and business sectors for a variety of purposes. This is because today, every sector needs to enter into the online world to survive and take that step forward into being a leader in their respective industries.


Looking to maximize the potential of your business? LINE is your best solution.