"LINE Official Account "Mor Sup Thai Traditional Medicine Herbs" Drives Sales to Existing Customers, Nearly Quadruples Revenue"

Mor Sup Thai Traditional Medicine Herbs


"LINE Official Account "Mor Sup Thai Traditional Medicine Herbs" Drives Sales to Existing Customers, Nearly Quadruples Revenue"

"Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor Sup" has enhanced its marketing communication channels by incorporating LINE Official Account as one of its primary platforms. This strategy aims to establish trust with the target audience, increase followers at a minimal cost, and generate repeat customer sales opportunities 3-4 times higher than on other platforms.

Integrating LINE Official Account as a new marketing channel has significantly benefited Doctor Sup. This Thai traditional medicine brand previously relied solely on Facebook for marketing communication. This case study provides valuable insights for businesses considering adjustments or additions to their marketing channels through LINE. It offers ideas and guidelines to enhance their marketing strategies.

Understanding the principles, guidelines, and effective use of marketing communication tools through the LINE Official Account will guarantee business success based on the results obtained by traditional Thai medicine doctor Sup.

The key to a business's sustainability lies in its customers. It's about more than having a large customer base, as the number of customers only guarantees higher sales. It's essential to consider the cost of acquiring each new customer, ensuring that the cost aligns with the sales generated.

In highly competitive industries, businesses spend more on acquiring new customers than the return from sales. To thrive in such environments, retaining existing customers and encouraging repeat purchases is crucial.

Doctor Sup's Thai traditional medicine brand successfully adopted this strategy, shifting from solely using Facebook for marketing to utilizing the LINE Official Account. This resulted in a significant increase in repeat purchases, surpassing other channels by 3 to 4 times.

Thai traditional medicine doctor Doctor Sup has achieved significant sales success on Facebook. However, the brand has realized that simply "selling products" is insufficient to meet customer needs. The core of the brand's business is providing "consultation" to help patients improve their health. Therefore, Doctor Sup is proactively seeking marketing channels to engage with the target audience who seek advice, focusing on "providing services" through chat channels.

As LINE is Thailand's leading chat communication platform widely used, the brand aims to broaden its channels by including a LINE Official Account. This expansion will facilitate consulting, service, and online sales, aligning with consumer behavior.

Despite previous advertising efforts on LINE, the brand has yet to see the desired success. While some customers have added the LINE Official Account as friends, they rarely seek information, leading to poor sales generation through this channel.

Business Challenge

Doctor Sup's Thai Traditional Medicine has faced challenges building a substantial following on its official account, leading to limited brand awareness on LINE. Consequently, sales on LINE need to be stronger than those on other platforms.

Regarding the target group on LINE, some people inquire about product information but then disengage without purchasing. Another common issue is that customers often reach out during non-admin hours, causing missed opportunities to address their questions and drive sales.

Business Solutions

To address the challenges mentioned above, Doctor Sup, a traditional Thai medicine practitioner, has developed a strategy to utilize the tools available on the LINE Official Account to bring about sustainable changes to the brand. The implementation plan is as follows:

1. Organize your LINE Official Account to establish a trustworthy image with your target audience.

  • Create a new profile with a clear and reliable logo image.
  • Set up a rich menu designed for ease of use, categorizing products/services and presenting various information in an organized and visually appealing manner. Enhance customer convenience by embedding links to multiple destinations.
  • Establish a welcoming message for new friends, ensuring the content is polite and engaging while providing information about the business, products, services, promotions, discounts, and special privileges.
  • Enhance credibility for your LINE Official Account by applying for a Verified Account status and transitioning from a gray shield to a blue shield.

2. Increase awareness among target groups who have not previously followed the brand, such as:

  • Utilize LINE Ads to run advertisements aimed at adding friends. Target groups interested in health focus on content encouraging people to add friends and seek information. Use attractive and easily accessible graphics tailored to the target group.
  • In terms of content, the brand employs written methods to offer free consultations before purchasing, along with video clips featuring customer product reviews.

3. The brand utilizes strategies to boost engagement among customers who add them as friends on the LINE Official Account through various tools:

  • They use Step Message to provide consistent and continuous customer information, including product details, services, and promotions based on the designated Marketing Funnels.
  • Additionally, planning chat responses with Sales Script enables admins to respond to customer queries quickly via chat. If a delay is unavoidable, responses are limited to a maximum of 24 hours.

4. Customers can now place orders directly without chatting with the admin, enhancing the convenience of ordering products.

  • Customers can quickly and swiftly place orders by signing up for LINE SHOPPING. This platform also provides businesses with a 24/7 online storefront, a secure payment system, and order tracking.


Through strategic planning and brand development on Dr. Sup's LINE Official Account, follower numbers have consistently increased throughout the campaign. The cost per friend (CPF) is only 18 baht, and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is only 30 baht.

In terms of sales, Thai traditional medicine Doctor Sup has made sales on the LINE Official Account three times more than before, resulting in a4 20% increase in the brand's total sales. Among those sales, the brand has created sustainability by making existing customers return for repeat purchases 3-4 times higher than other marketing channels.

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