"POW Thai Herbal Medicine" has seen a rapid boost in sales by utilizing Step Message to stimulate personalized sales on LINE Official Account.

POW Thai Herbal Medicine


"POW Thai Herbal Medicine" has seen a rapid boost in sales by utilizing Step Message to stimulate personalized sales on LINE Official Account.

The company is expanding its market by rapidly increasing sales through filtering and categorizing customers. This involves existing customers, new customers, prospective customers, customers who have shown interest, and customers who have been blocked. Different automated broadcast messages are scheduled on the LINE Official Account feature to reach these customer groups, resulting in sustainable sales growth.

Using specific marketing communications to target groups does not involve collective communication as traditionally done. It's something that any brand can do on its own at a cost that is readily accessible. You don't have to start with the high costs many people still misunderstand."

The case of POW Thai Herbs is an example of a business that uses LINE Official Account tools to screen customers at different levels. They target groups that are not yet known (Cold Target), groups that are becoming familiar with them (Warm Target), and the group that has an earnest desire to buy the brand's products (Hot Target). This includes people who have previously followed the brand but have chosen to block following the brand (Blocked Target) to become a customer and make repeat purchases sustainably.

POW Thai Herbs has shown that it can increase sales by effectively managing and targeting different groups using LINE tools. They launched their products by advertising to gain followers through LINE Ads and then added them as friends. They then used the tag chat tool on their LINE Official Account to organize separate groups and broadcast content tailored to the specific needs of each group.

This includes automatic broadcasting with Step Message, which helps send content tailored to different target audiences. This allows the brand to generate more sales, measured by a Returns On Ad Spend (ROAS) number as high as 3.3 times.

In the rapidly growing and advancing world of health, POW Thai Herbal Brand has become a prominent name in the market. The brand sells herbal products, produces cosmetics, and offers dietary supplements. It is popular among those aged 40 and over, a significant demographic in the Thai population. This target group looks for quality and reliable ways to care for their health, and POW Thai Herbal Brand provides dietary supplement products based on Thai herbs. The POW Thai herbal brand addresses health needs. It is also a vital aid in managing diseases in the NCD group, including diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, which are significant issues in this age group.

POW Thai Herbs is a brand that has fully embraced the digital age. They have started utilizing various advertising platforms to connect with their customers. Recently, they have opted to use LINE Ads as a primary channel to reach their target audience in Thailand, a market with over 54 million people. They mainly use ads to encourage users to "Gain Friends" on LINE, which helps establish strong customer connections through private and secure conversations.

In the past year, people have been concerned about phone and online scammers. Therefore, using a LINE Official Account helps brands build strong relationships with customers and gives customers confidence that they are communicating with a trusted and safe brand. This can lead to sustainable repeat purchases.

Business Challenge

The challenge with these products is that customers take longer to purchase than general consumer products. This challenge arises because these products, not being widely recognized brands, require detailed descriptions of their properties. To address this, we need to use customer reviews to build confidence and help customers decide to buy.

Hence, relying solely on advertising media will not lead to immediate purchases upon initial exposure to the brand. This approach would be overly ambitious. Establishing familiarity, confidence, and trust with the target audience is essential. Naturally, achieving this may require more time than other product categories.

Engaging existing customers and encouraging them to make repeat purchases is essential. This involves using content to keep them interested, especially when dealing with a large customer base and diverse product offerings. Tailored communication content should be utilized to address each customer's unique needs effectively.

Business Solutions

POW Thai Herbs has chosen LINE solution as part of its marketing communication strategy with its target audience. This strategy aims to guide potential customers from the initial stage of discovering the brand to making a purchase and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. Using LINE Ads for gaining friends.

POW Thai Herbs employs three types of campaigns to tailor content for different target groups.

1. Launch a campaign to Gain Friends using the "Launcher" strategy (Cold Stage).

They use a target audience of 1,300 telephone numbers obtained from the brand's other marketing channels. To expand the reach of our advertisement, create a lookalike audience group (Lookalike Audience) from this audience.

Their advertising pieces will be Video Value clips highlighting their products' modern, clean, and internationally standard production (GMP, HACCP).

2. Campaign to Gain Friends using the "follower" strategy (Warm Stage)

This campaign strategy targets the audience who have watched at least 50% of the Video Value clip from the previous campaign. This ensures that the ad will be shown only to people already familiar with the brand to a certain extent.

The advertisement will feature video reviews from actual customers using the brand's products, highlighting the product's benefits or the results attained from using the products. Showing these clips to the right audience (those who already know the brand) is expected to yield better results than showing them to unfamiliar customers.

3. Campaign to Gain Friends using the "Blocked Stage" strategy.

Target the group that has previously blocked the brand's LINE Official Account, which may have occurred due to accidentally pressing the block button. We can create advertisements to display to these target groups, encouraging them to come back and follow the account again.

This campaign uses still images to communicate to the target group that they can request a free consultation with no obligations or hidden costs. The goal is to maintain a good relationship between customers and the brand.

Encouraging new customers to make initial purchases and encouraging repeat purchases from past customers through the LINE Official Account can be challenging.

Even with an increased follower count, immediate sales can be challenging as new customers often require time to build confidence in unfamiliar brands or products. To address this, brands frequently utilize various features of the LINE Official Account to stimulate purchases by different customer groups at each stage.

1. "STEP MESSAGE SELLING is a method used to communicate with customers who have recently been added as friends in the brand's LINE Official Account. The communication steps are as follows:

  • A day after being added as a friend, customers will receive messages containing valuable content highlighting the benefits of the brand's products.

  • A day after receiving the first message, customers will receive a Review Content message, including customer reviews and results.

  • Customers will receive Offer Content messages the day after receiving the second message, encouraging purchases through special discounts and new customer promotions.


The brand uses the Chat Tag feature to categorize customer messages through chat channels. This makes distinguishing and tracking different customer groups easier for the brand. 

Some examples of chat tags that have been used include:

  • -"Purchased" tag for customers who have already ordered products
  • - "Product A" tag for customers who have ordered Product A
  • - "Product B" tag for customers who have ordered Product B
  • - An "Inquiry" tag is for customers inquiring about products but have not yet purchased.


2. CRM Step Messaging is a feature that sends messages in a sequence. After the customer has made a purchase, you can set up notifications to be sent at specific intervals:

Five days after the purchase, the customer will receive a Follow-up message with one piece of content, which includes a query about the product delivery and instructions on how to use the product.

- Customers will receive a follow-up message with two contents seven days after the first message. This can include queries about product usage and any issues faced.

- 14 days after the second message, customers will receive a Reorder Content message containing special promotions for returning customers.

3. BROADCAST messages based on chat tags that customers in various stages have posted, such as:

- Send additional broadcast messages to customers tagged as "inquire" in the chat to review other customers' content.

- Send a broadcast message promoting Product B to customers tagged as "Product A" in the chat.

- Send a broadcast message promoting Product A to customers tagged as "Product B" in the chat.

The strategy in this section aims to create cross-selling opportunities, meaning that customers who have already purchased a product will receive promotions to encourage them to buy another product instead.


By implementing strategies from LINE Ads and LINE Official accounts, brands can achieve the following results:

1. Reduced cost per advertisement with the friend-adding objective. The cost per friend (CPF) decreases from 50 baht to 35 baht, a reduction of up to 30%. This is achieved by sending content only to customers who have already watched the opening video, resulting in a significant decrease in CPF value.

2. Decreased customer block percentage. The block rate of customers following the LINE Official Account was reduced from 40% to 27%. This is achieved by using the Broadcast method to send messages only to customers who need them, thus reducing disturbance to other customers. Messages are tailored based on whether the customer has made a purchase, encouraging purchases for new customers and stimulating repeat purchases for existing customers.

3. Increased ROAS (Returns On Ads Spend) from 2 to 3.3 times, representing a 65% increase. This improvement is attributed to the effective combination of various features on LINE Ads and LINE Official Account.

LINE Solutions used in this campaign

dvertising techniques for LINE Ads, including the objective of gaining friends, creating Similar Audiences with Custom Audiences from Phone Numbers, and setting up retargeting ads. 

The ultimate goal is to build followers who are actual brand customers.

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Techniques for attaching chat tags, broadcasting, and setting up message steps on LINE Official Account to communicate with different target customers using tailored message contents. The aim is to generate purchase amounts and encourage repeated purchases.

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