GSB NOW has been creating broad awareness among new customers by enhancing strategic communication through various features of the LINE Ecosystem



GSB NOW has been creating broad awareness 

among new customers by enhancing strategic communication 

through various features of the LINE Ecosystem

The Government Savings Bank is now competing with other significant players in the banking industry. To achieve this, they have implemented strategic communication plans that aim to encourage customers to link their bank accounts with the LINE Official Account. This move will help the bank overcome any limitations on communicating with customers under NDA conditions while also increasing flexibility and safety. In addition, customers can now carry out transactions quickly and securely by themselves through GSB NOW.

Competition in the financial and banking industry is constantly evolving, with market leaders continuously striving to create new ideas. This has led to the emergence of new forms of service and marketing communication that benefit customers, and everyone benefits from this competition.

Many Fintech and Non-Bank services are emerging in Thailand's economy due to the country's adaptation to the global situation and growing competition. It is also evident that our country's economy is currently gearing up to move forward at full throttle.

However, the Government Savings Bank is known for its high stability, which results from its being under government supervision. This builds confidence in the bank and makes it trustworthy to customers, who continue to use its services at all levels.

The Government Savings Bank needs a proactive marketing communication strategy to reach Its target customer groups. This has resulted in some of its services not being top of mind (TOM) for customers when choosing services. Particularly in online transactions, its services are similar to those of other banks, but not all customers use them.

GSB NOW is a LINE Official Account offered by the Government Savings Bank. This service enables users to perform banking transactions efficiently through the LINE app. By linking the customer's bank account to the LINE back-end system, users can inquire about their account balance, deposit or withdraw money, open credit cards, and perform other transactions.

The issue is that new and existing customers are unaware of GSB NOW and have never used it before. This is the focus of the content you will be reading from now on. Government Savings Bank has implemented a strategy to change this situation and encourage the target group to choose GSB NOW over other banking services that customers are accustomed to using.

It is well-known that having many friends and followers on a LINE Official Account is crucial in digital marketing communications, especially in Thailand. A brand's success is often linked to the number of friends and followers it has. However, gaining many friends and followers requires a higher cost.

Notably, the Government Savings Bank can potentially reduce the cost of adding more followers per person. The price is three times lower than the average, which can lead to more profound results in the next step, such as increased participation. This has resulted in a surge in the number of applications to link bank accounts with LINE. As a result, the cost per business outcome at each target level may also be significantly reduced.

Government Savings Bank customers can now receive transaction notifications via the bank's LINE Official Account by registering as GSB NOW users. This is achieved by connecting the bank's user database with the LINE Official Account using the LINE API.

This service provides Government Savings Bank customers with greater convenience and flexibility, allowing them to conduct transactions without having to travel to the bank or open the app.

Instead, customers can use the LINE app, which they already use for daily communication. By visiting the Government Savings Bank's LINE Official Account, GSB NOW, customers can make various transactions more conveniently and flexibly.

Business Challenge

The Government Savings Bank provides a modern service called GSB NOW that offers convenience to customers and lower administrative costs to the bank. It also ensures customers' safety by allowing them to make transactions through LINE Official Account GSB NOW, preventing fraudsters from receiving financial status information through normal channels like SMS.

However, the bank needs help introducing GSB NOW to new and old customers, who must be made aware of this service. The target group must be aware of this modern service to increase its usage and benefits.

Business Solutions

The Government Savings Bank conducts various activities to promote its services. For example, it organizes promotional events at different bank branches to encourage people to apply for GSB NOW. Additionally, the bank also promotes GSB NOW through various online media channels.

Apart from this, the bank has adopted a marketing communication strategy focusing on using LINE as a critical tool to achieve good results. The approach involves creating awareness among new target groups about GSB NOW by leveraging various tools available in the LINE ecosystem. These tools coordinate communications and create widespread awareness, including:

  1. Elevate brand recognition among targeted demographics through strategic LINE Ads campaigns. Leverage both Image Ads and Video Ad clips to captivate interest and preliminarily filter the target audience. Progress by deploying a retargeting advertising campaign tailored to the interests of the target group, aiming to expand the follower base.
  2. Boost GSB NOW's visibility by capitalizing on the LINE Official Account of the Government Savings Bank (GSB Society). Employ the Business Manager feature to facilitate follower sharing between GSB Society and GSB NOW, thereby broadening the brand's reach and influence.
  3. Push Marketing communication channels available on LINE, such as VOOM. VOOM involves vertical video content, which can create significant reach if the content is attractive to the target audience.

To achieve desirable results, it is essential to have a proper strategy and interesting tactics. Various attractions, such as prize money, giveaways, and discount coupons, should be created to entice people.

Interested participants should be encouraged to follow the LINE Official Account and link their bank account with GSB NOW after participating in the activity. They can also spread the word and invite their friends to join them.


By implementing this strategy, the Government Savings Bank has successfully increased the number of followers on GSB NOW's LINE official account by over 140,000 individuals. Notably, the bank has been able to significantly reduce the cost per adding one friend to as low as 9 baht, which is considerably lower than the market average price of 22-27 baht.

GSB NOW has received applications from over 70,000 people who want to link their bank accounts to LINE, about 50% of our new followers. This strategy has significantly broadened reach to new target groups, substantially boosting brand awareness. Our advertising has been displayed as many as 10 times per person in just six months, meaning people see our ads frequently. 

Additionally, the cost per new friend added is relatively low.

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